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Psychology in poker: how to stretch your brain before a game
Today, the psychological component in the poker world occupies an important place or slot machines. Many players adopt psychological techniques and learn to recognize the emotions of their opponents. But we will touch on a slightly different topic. How to tune in to win poker? What are the techniques that help a successful game?Professional poker player Du...
work out, slot machines, psychologist jared, player needs, game, poker, player - Posted by Haldus - Posted 6 Months Ago

Computer and Video Games Through the Eyes of a Psychologist
Modern computer games are becoming more "advanced" and imitate reality, therefore more and more people are becoming hostages of the video game addiction.Some StatisticsStatistics on the prevalence of this dependence is significantly different among different researchers. Doctor of Psychological Sciences Alexander Georgievich Shmelev believes that about 1...
computer games, virtual world, computer character, identifies himself, his, games, game - Posted by Haldus - Posted 10 Months Ago

Children and gaming addiction
Gaming addiction is an acute problem. One or another form of this psychological illness can affect both children and adults. What is gaming addiction in children, where does it come from and what measures should parents and teachers take if this happens to child?The influence of time and technologyThe process of education now and then confronts the paren...
gaming addiction, video games, psychological illness, parental control, gaming, games, computer - Posted by Haldus - Posted 6 Months Ago

5 latest trends in the world of online casinos and how to determine the honesty
The world of gambling is developing rapidly. And today there are more and more Australian online casinos and variety of slots appear. People are increasingly having fun with this type of entertainment, spending time with interest.This is not surprising, because by launching online slot machines in a casino, a person has the opportunity to win considerable ...
slot machines, online casinos, online slot, reliable online, slot, online, machines - Posted by Haldus - Posted 6 Months Ago

Amazing Piano For Adults
Custom Online Video Piano Lessons For Adults. Learn The Songs That You Want To Learn.

Virtual Pose
The ultimate visual reference series for drawing the human figure.

Jazz Education and Information
The Official Barry Harris Website for Jazz Education and Information

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