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List of Top 20 SaaS Products and Companies
Originally Published at Troop Messenger  Looking for the list of the top, best, and fast-growing SaaS companies in 2020?. Your search ends here. You can find all the examples of SaaS facts, statistics, and examples. Read on to know. Did you know that 73% of businesses plan to launch SaaS products a...
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White Label Apps for SaaS: The Smartest Way to Save Your Time, Money, & Skyrock
Originally Published at Troop Messenger  How do you like the idea of creating an application that will be rebranded by others? Your client gets to resell it as their own product, but not before they pay you all the charges for production/designing. If this idea interests you, then this page is where you need to ...
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14 Best Note Taking apps ( iOS, Android, Mac & Windows): Which one is Ahead of t
Originally Published at Troop Messenger  Have a thought or an important reminder to set? But no paper or pencil, and no time to pen it down? Fret not, we have got you covered! The thing with thoughts is that they hit you suddenly, irrespective of the time and place. A million-dollar idea can strike your brain while you are tu...
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Top 11+ Slack Competitors to look out for in 2020
Originally Published at Troop Messenger  In this fast pacing world, every piece of information is available with a swipe of a finger. But this same information, when not delivered in the right manner and within appropriate timing, has the potential to cause considerable damages to the largest of the organizations. And that is ...
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Top 10 Biometric Attendance Systems You Shouldn’t Ignore In 2020
Originally Published at Troop Messenger  “Go paperless”, “Go digital” are the slogans of today’s digital world.The archaic method of managing and monitoring attendance with huge stacks of registers for hundreds of employees and generating reports of each employee attendance will be a nightmare. Courtesy to techno...
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