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Concepts Of Term Insurance
Put a stress on your brain a bit and imagine a product that guarantees security and safety to you and your loved ones within your budget. Hard to imagine? Guess what? It is not some distant dream or a well created fantasy of your mind but a reality. Now, you must be wondering what I am talking about? Ok, without wasting your time or creating more suspense, l...
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What are Term Insurance riders and its Benefits
Every responsible person is obligated to purchase a pure protection plan for himself and his family in this era of uncertain times. Traditionally, insurance was only meant to be a protection  which family members reap in case of an unfortunate demise of the earning member of that family. So to indemnify the financial loss to the  family was the onl...
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Taking A Life Insurance Policy! What?s The Big Deal Behind It?
Life was never certain, but in recent times it has become even more unpredictable. We all work very hard to live a comfortable life and help our family members to do so too. But sometimes there are twists in the story and an unfortunate death creates an unmanageable chaos. To help fight it, there are life insurance plans companies that come to your rescue in...
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Term Insurance Plans in India with Claim Settlement Ratio
Term insurance plans in India are considered to be the cheapest of all and the trend is to only be bothered about the premium without looking into other factors while buying a plan. A plan has to be looked into its totality that includes the premium, terms and conditions being offered, the background of the company, the fine print of the contract and the ins...
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What are the Advantages for Women Applicants in Case of Home Loans?
If you are a woman who is planning to buy a residential property, you’ve got some reasons to cheer. It is a known fact that home loan for women in India enjoy certain benefits when it comes to loans, more so in case of home loans. They need to pay lower interest rates as compared to men. It is because there is a general perception that women pay their ...
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The growth of Life insurance sector in India
Life insurance is one of the biggest investment vehicles in the uncertain economic environment and we expect the industry to fare reasonably well in near future. Factors like rising income of middle-class section, young insurable population and growing awareness of the need for financial protection will surely lead the path for the growth of life insurance i...
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Best financial security at optimum costs Term Insurance
Term insurance is an insurance cover taken for a specific period of time. During this period, if the insured person dies, the sum assured is paid to the beneficiaries who are ideally family members in most cases. The sum assured is the amount of cover which the insured person wishes to choose at the time of buying the policy. The benefit under the plan is pa...
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Advantages Of Term Insurance Plan
Term insurance plans are also known as protection plans. They help you shield or protect your family in the times of uncertainties, uncertainties; the family might be shattered emotionally as well financially if there is like untimely death of the sole bread winner of the family.  Securing your family from this financial crisis is one of the most import...
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What are savings plan?
We all dream of living a lavish and successful lifestyle.  You need to start saving from the beginning of your career to lead a secure life in future.  But only saving money is not enough  to achieve financial wellbeing and securing the future for a happy living. Right now there are a number of saving plans that are in the market that cater to...
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The most important article that a 25-year-old must read
People in their 20s have the best time of their lives. They are young, healthy, have a good income and relatively few responsibilities. Such concepts as savings, investments, retirement planning and insurance are not on the horizon of most of them.Which makes it all the more difficult for most 25-year-olds to accept that they need insurance as much as anyb...
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