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Know About Different Types Of Pearls And Their Specialties
Like every kind of jewel, pearl is one of the jewels, which are admired by everyone. It is a jewel that might look simplest, but has the ability to give you a royal look. Those who believe in real luxury will love to wear a necklace which is completely made of pearl. The possibilities of usage of pearl are endless; how you wear it depends on you. However, if...
Posted by LagunaPearl - Posted 7 Years Ago

Popular Fashion Accessories That Are Made From Pure Pearl
Pearl is one of the favourite gems of all times. Females of all ages love to wear them, may she be a college going student or a retired business woman. There are a lot of jewellery items sold in the markets these days having pearls embedded in them, which can use pearls. Depending upon your budget, you can get some piece of pearls for yourself. There is a la...
Posted by LagunaPearl - Posted 7 Years Ago

Pearl Jewelry for Men
Throughout history, pearls have been prized and worn by both women and men. In the ancient times, rulers around the world have loved themselves with long strings of pearls in all ranges of sizes and colours. Hence, it is to be noted that Pearls are not just for women.Pearl jewellery has been associated with women, especially with certain rites of passage i...
Posted by Lagunapearl - Posted 6 Years Ago

Tips for Choosing Best Pearl Necklace Length
When choosing a necklace, it gets difficult to choose the right length that will match your outfit perfectly. Hence, there are some basic guidelines. The normal chain length is 16 to 20 inches, which sits perfectly for women. However, the correct length for you mainly depends on your personal taste. If you are the one who likes to experiment, then you can ha...
Posted by Lagunapearl - Posted 6 Years Ago

Pearl Jewellery - Versatile and elegant style statement
Pearl jewellery is one of the tremendously adaptable types of ornamentations known to mankind. They exhibit prosperity without being too flashy. These trinkets of the ocean have been admired for thousands of years. Pearls are famous to mesmerize anyone with their charm. Jewellery made of pearl is adored universally by every woman.  Nothing can beat a ni...
Posted by LagunaPearl - Posted 7 Years Ago

Tips To Make You Black Pearl Earrings Last Longer
It is certainly true that pearls are ageless jewelleries.  Pearls have been in fashion since primeval time and this trend will continue years from now.  It is such treasured piece of jewelry that you can wear the black pearls that your grandma used to wear.  However, you can use the same piece only if it is properly cleaned and preserved....
Posted by Lagunapearl - Posted 6 Years Ago

What pearl jewellery Are On-Trend Right Now?
Are you a novice pearl shopper who would like to fill your jewel box with trendy pearl jewellery collections? Then this piece of information is meant only for you.  Here is a crisp insight on the trendy pearl jewel designs and what to look for while buying pearl jewellery online. The ‘In’ Designs When it comes to pearl jewellery l...
Posted by Lagunapearl - Posted 6 Years Ago

How You Can Buy Tahitian Pearls Online
The origin of Tahitian pearl, an organic gem, was from a black lip oyster, and the culturing process involves a grafter that inserts a bead made from mollusk shells into the reproductive organ of a mature mollusk. It takes about two years for an oyster to begin producing pearls. The materials used in this process are organic, and it reduces the chances of oy...
Posted by Lagunapearl - Posted 6 Years Ago

Choose Beautiful Pearl Jewelry
Choosing pearls might seem to be a daunting task, especially for novice pearl shoppers, who do not know how to judge the gem just by looking at them. When it comes to Freshwater and Saltwater pearls while saltwater pearls are formed around a large round bead that is made from the mother of pearl, freshwater pearls are made without the nucleus and are perfect...
Posted by Lagunapearl - Posted 6 Years Ago

Buy Exquisite Pearl Jewellery Online
Diamonds could be a girl’s best friend but nothing can be more elegant or classier than pearl jewellery. Pearls are one of the treasures water bodies. Pearl jewellery is not just appealing to older women but is also very popular amongst the youngsters. Pearls can be designed into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and pendants.So, these days, the ...
Posted by Lagunapearl - Posted 6 Years Ago

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