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Use of Radiotherapy After Prostate Cancer Surgery Declines
Despite its ability to lower recurrence chances, researchers are finding that used of post-prostate-cancer surgery radiotherapy is on the decline in the United States. The trend is raising alarm bells among practitioners who want to ensure those who are at higher risk for recurrence understand why post-surgical treatment can prove highly beneficial.Evidenc...
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Post-Prostatectomy PSA Might Signal Need for Radiation Therapy, Study Shows
Radical removal of the prostate gland to treat cancer generally results undetectable PSA levels following surgery. When this isn’t the case, however, patients may sometimes find themselves at risk for the cancer’s return. While a wait-and-see approach is often taken in this case, some research is pointing to the benefits of taking a more aggressi...
radiation therapy, undetectable psa, see approach, 10 year, patients, psa, group - Posted by Lewisvilleflower - Posted 6 Years Ago

Genetic Testing to Determine Cancer Risk
There is much that science still needs to learn about the role that genetics plays in cancer. We do know there are particular types of cancer that tend to run in families, making our risk for developing that certain cancer higher than others. This is considered a risk factor - just as smoking, diet, and carcinogen exposure are each considered to be a risk fa...
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Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle Even When Luck Plays a Role in Developing Cancer
There are surely those cancer patients – we all know them – who have lived a life completely by the book in terms of taking care of themselves; who are poster children for a healthy lifestyle. They don’t smoke – maybe never even did, drink in moderation, exercise religiously, wear sunscreen every day, and eat as healthy as possible (t...
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Monitoring Conditions with Potential for Cancer Diagnosis
A ton of money is spent on a yearly basis researching the causes of cancer, faster ways to diagnose the disease, and, of course, more effective treatments. With all the money being spent, there is still so much we don’t know about how cancer develops and why it happens in one person and not the next. There are certainly contributing factors that increa...
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Smoking and a Cancer Diagnosis
Smoking has long been linked to the development of many types of cancer - a fact that has luckily compelled many smokers to quit the habit. For others, for whom quitting has been a challenge they have yet to conquer, smoking continues to increase their chances of developing a variety of health conditions, cancer included. Even more surprising is the fact tha...
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Tips for Staying Positive during Cancer Treatments
It’s often said that half the battle of fighting cancer involves staying positive during the course of treatments. While a great attitude certainly won’t replace the potential need for surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, it can make going through these steps much easier to endure. Maintaining a great attitude, however, is often easier said than ...
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Prostate Seed Implants Changes Cancer Care
Every now and then, there’s a development in cancer treatment that changes everything; that offers new hope for more noninvasive treatment options and chances for recovery. In the world of prostate cancer, prostate seed implants are that new development - the newest hope for providing a more noninvasive treatment option for prostate cancer and the newe...
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What To Expect From A Cancer Treatment Center?
When the diagnosis is cancer you want the best possible treatment available. That means you want to work with a team of highly skilled doctors and oncologists who understand and practice the latest techniques and will work together to provide you the best possible treatment available.That’s where a cancer treatment center comes in. Rather than offer ...
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Exercise Helps In Evading The Post Treatment Effects Of Radiation
Radiation therapy is considered to be the best treatment to deal breast cancer and prostate cancer. In radiation therapy hundreds of thin beams of radiation are delivered on the precise tumor location from any angle. The basic advantage of this therapy is that the cancerous cells are directly treated by high doses, but the nearby tissues remain unaffected....
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