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Bingo Patterns
Bingo patterns are a crucial part of online bingo games. The whole aim of the game is to match all the randomly called numbers in a given pattern on your card. Bingo patterns range from simple horizontal or diagonal patterns to more complex patterns in assorted shapes or pictures. These patterns are generally shown in the right hand side of most games. Playe...
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Compulsive Gambling Behaviors Observable in the Workplace
Compulsive gambling has been called the "hidden disease," as there are few overt signs of it in the workplace until the problem is in its most advanced stage. Astute observers may, however, pick up clues.Extensive gambling can be time-consuming. Doing everything required to gain the information required to gamble intelligently, to place bets, follow the ac...
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10 Ultimate Texas Hold’em Tells - part 1
Being Able to distinguish the Cards of a player would help you to save you’re money when you have a bad hand and win you the pot when you have a good hand. Of course, you can’t see what cards you’re opponents have. The only thing you have is there facial and body expressions. In this 2 part guide, I will teach 10 of the best tips on the net...
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Shifts In Casino Gambling Trends
The internet's ability to blur boundaries and society's acceptance of casino gambling and sports betting ultimately shed light on the inconsistencies and loopholes of American gambling laws. From the makeshift sportsbook stalls in Nevada, most sports betting activities shifted operations and exploited the possibilities of cyberspace in the mid-1990s. At pres...
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Casino Games And Mathematics. Part Two.
Thorp managed to find out that owners of gambling houses gave their officials rather strict directions with regard to the strategies which they should stick to in the game with visitors. Control over fulfillment of these directions had its initial aim to prevent from a frame-up of a croupier with the rest of the gamblers, a chance of which could not be exclu...
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Betting The Over On Atlanta Spells Money!
Day 19 of July, 2006 and to suggest that the Atlanta Braves are swinging the lumber would be a bit of an understatement. They have played 14 games in the seventh month of the year and are 13-1 on the over total in that span. Do you have your sportsbook on speed dial yet?That, folks, is an astonishing 93% and I can live with those numbers any time of the ye...
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Biggest Slots Jackpots – How they grow and how you can win them!
<b>A brief History of Progressive Slots</b>In the beginning there were no such thing as progressive slots; they only became possible in the early 1980’s when microchips were added to slots machines. Even then it wasn’t until March of 1986 that the first multi site linked progressive slot machines were introduced by the slot machine ...
Posted by Micheal105 - Posted 3 Months Ago

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