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Logical reasoning is the second important topic for the students to overcome their competitive exams. Logical reasoning will be easy for those who practice it regularly. Previously Logical reasoning  is a sub topic of  Aptitude, but now it is a separate task to perform. Onece cannot score high marks in any competitive exam without this Logical reas...
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basic computer knowledge
Computers place a major role in our day to day life, so we should have effective computer knowledge to use computers to great effect. Basic computer knowledge from Mydearstudent website discussed many computer awareness topics. All the Basic computer knowledge topics from Mydearstudent website are in question and answer format. Every school and college are h...
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aptitude preparation
Aptitude preparation for all types of competitive exams like Cat, Mat, Gmat, Icet and Groups will be discussed in Mydearstudent website. Aptitude questions and answers in Mydearstudent will be solved with examples and explanation. Every student who wants to improve his/her aptitude knowledge will have to follow Mydearstudent for their queries.Aptitude prep...
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