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Weight Loss Surgery Benefits More than the Waistline
For many in Dallas, weight loss surgery is seen as just that: surgery that helps a patient lose weight. New research is finding that the benefits of weight loss surgery are more than just the waistline. In Quebec, the Quebec Heart and Lung Institute (CAN) presented new findings at the European Society of Cardiology, which suggests that weight loss surgery ...
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New ?Pill? Provides Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery
With obesity estimated to affect about a third of the American population, this serious medical concern has hit epidemic proportions. When diet and exercise alone don’t produce the results necessary to lower weight along with risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more, some people turn to bariatric surgery. While procedures like the gastric byp...
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Bariatric Surgery as a Weight Loss Tool
It is estimated that a third of the American population, children included, are obese or severely obese. With this problem reaching epidemic proportions, healthcare providers are seeking solutions that can help their patients effectively shed pounds and keep them off. Bariatric surgery is just one of the tools available to assist on this front, but it’...
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Researchers Gain Insights on How Bariatric Surgery Benefits Diabetics
A number of studies have shown that weight loss surgery can help some type 2 diabetics reverse their condition. Although not a guarantee with the procedure, those who are obese and suffer from diabetes are likely to notice at least a marked improvement in their blood sugar numbers following surgery. While the potential benefits have been shown, researchers d...
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Weight Loss Surgery Can Be Lifesaving
There is a huge body of evidence that points to a connection between obesity and life-threatening illnesses. Being overweight has been strongly linked to the development of type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer, heart disease and a host of other conditions. There is also a great deal of evidence that supports the benefits of weight loss surgery for helping p...
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Bariatric Surgery Can Reduce Pain, Improve Health, Studies Find
People who are obese generally are quite aware those extra pounds they carry around can have dramatically negative impacts on their health. After all, obesity has been strongly linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and a host of other concerns. Most people also understand that extra weight can take its toll on the body with ev...
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Non-Surgical Option May Offer Weight Loss Help
A non-surgical procedure used to help control stomach bleeding in emergency situations may offer a new alternative to bariatric surgery for people who are obese. Researchers have found that a fairly simple procedure called a gastric artery embolization helps trigger weight loss. The procedure has only been tested in a small sample of people, but the...
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Is Weight Loss Surgery Right For Teens?
Obesity has reached an epidemic proportion in the United States. With an estimated third of the population, teens and children included, considered overweight the need for intervention is running high. Linked to serious health complications, obesity, if left unchecked, can dramatically limit the quality and anticipated span of a life.While surgical interve...
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Weight Loss Surgery May Provide A Boost For Knee Replacement Patients
Long-term, morbid obesity has long been connected to a number of serious side effects and complications. While some are potentially deadly, others make daily living difficult and painful. Osteoarthritis is one of the complications that falls into the latter category.Osteoarthritis is a form of arthritis that arises when the cartilage at the very end of bon...
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Getting Ready for Lap Band Surgery: What You Need to Know
Lap band surgery is an excellent choice for addressing obesity in a healthy way without involving the permanent alterations associated with gastric bypasses or sleeve gastrectomy procedures. While this surgical procedure is minimally invasive and largely reversible, there are some things patients need to know before the big day for surgery arrives.Here are...
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