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Where are the best beaches in Costa Rica?
Some of the most amazing features of Costa Rica are the popular Costa Rica beaches. The coastline of this country stretches over 1100 miles so there are a lot of beaches to see – with every type of shell, rock, and sand beach you can imagine.With warm waters year-round, the country’s exotic “playas” have something to offer...
Posted by Nuanda - Posted 9 Months Ago

Best Hot Springs in Costa Rica
Home to a wide variety of amazing hot springs, Costa Rica is the best travel destination for anyone looking to soak in otherworldly thermal waters heated by volcanoes. Most of the hot springs of Costa Rica are located in hotels, allowing you 24/7 access to hot springs as well as various great dining spots. The following are some of the best hot spri...
Posted by Nuanda - Posted 6 Months Ago

5 activities you must do while on your Costa Rica trip
Costa Rica is the place to be, no matter whether you like adventure or simply want to relax. Once you arrive, you might want to fill your days with activities. There are only a few things you cannot do in Costa Rica. These include ice fishing, snowshoeing, skiing. Anything else you may want to do is available for you in this country.The following are 5 act...
Posted by Nuanda - Posted 10 Months Ago

Costa Rica is best known for its ecotourism | RutasCostaRica
What is Costa Rica best known for?Although there are many reasons to  Viajes a Costa Rica, the country is best known for its ecotourism. It is the poster child for ecotourism and because of it, the tourist numbers are increasing rapidly on an annual basis. In fact, the numbers have doubled in the last ten years.Why is Costa Rica best known for ecoto...
Posted by Nuanda - Posted 8 Months Ago