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Five reasons a person may experience Post Travel Depression
Post Travel Depression (PTA) is a very real phenomenon where a person feels depressed and misplaced after returning home. Depending on the duration of stay and overall experience, a person experiencing PTA can expect to feel a wave of emotions for an undetermined length of time, mourning the experience and relationships accumulated in their time overseas. He...
travel depression, post travel, very real, returning home, travel, often, home - Posted by oceans2earth - Posted 4 Years Ago

Indulge in Wildlife Volunteering Projects in Australia ? A Unique Chance to See
This one-of-a-kind activity that lets you give back to nature by aiding in the rescue, careand rehabilitation of animals, as well as supporting the release of animals back into their natural habitat. In Australia, you can find opportunities to volunteer with animals through not for profit organisations that specialises in volunteer recruitment for a wide ran...
wildlife volunteering, animal welfare, kind activity, careand rehabilitation, animals, animal, wildlife - Posted by Oceans2earth - Posted 4 Years Ago

Volunteer with Great Barrier Reef Turtle Rehabilitation Projects, in Australia
The Great Barrier Reef Turtle Rehabilitation project presents an opportunity to combine holidays with meaningful volunteer work. Those interested can aid in the conservation of turtles that fall victim to fishing nets, trawlers, debris and predators. Some of them suffer from serious diseases or, the most common disease called Floating Syndrome, or Floater&rs...
turtle rehabilitation, barrier reef, reef turtle, volunteer work, turtles, project, volunteers - Posted by Oceans2earth - Posted 4 Years Ago

Volunteer Abroad with Ocean 2 Earth in Australia ? Save & Serve Animal Life and
Volunteering abroad to save and care for animals is a great way to experience a one of a kind adventure while making a difference, and Australia is a good place to get started. Whether you are volunteering locally or from abroad, there are different organisations where you can sign up to complete a project. However, only one non-profit organisation focuses o...
2 earth, oceans 2, volunteer abroad, non profit, animals, animal, earth - Posted by Oceans2earth - Posted 4 Years Ago

Join A Wildlife Volunteering Organisation To Learn How To Become More Sustainabl
If you are thinking of giving back to nature, volunteering abroad can be a good way to help, and by joining a wildlife volunteering organisation, you can learn to become more sustainable and understand the importance of animals in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer abroad, but there are some amazing opport...
wildlife volunteering, volunteering organisation, volunteering abroad, good way, volunteering, wildlife, volunteer - Posted by Oceans2earth - Posted 4 Years Ago

Overseas Volunteering: Take Care of Animals at a Volunteer Program
With all the unique experiences you are likely to encounter, volunteer work with animals can be very rewarding, especially when you sign up for an overseas animal welfare and conservation project. Being a volunteer overseas allows everyday people to take care of animals that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to., and with some of the most unique prog...
volunteer recruitment, overseas volunteering, sign up, animal welfare, volunteer, animals, overseas - Posted by Oceans2earth - Posted 4 Years Ago

Wildlife Volunteering in Australia: Make a Change in the Life of an Animal
Australia is one of the best places to consider if you want to explore opportunities for wildlife volunteering. Not only is the country home to some of the most exotic and fascinating wildlife on earth, it is also home to numerous local organisations dedicated to the care and welfare of these amazing creatures. Not for profit organisations in Australia work ...
wildlife volunteering, animal welfare, give up, explore opportunities, animal, wildlife, organisations - Posted by Oceans2earth - Posted 4 Years Ago

Volunteering Overseas ? Your Global Responsibility to Save Animals
There are many ways to support the efforts of animal welfare groups and help animals. If you are passionate about it, volunteering overseas is an opportunity that you should consider. Going abroad to work with animals makes you feel like you are contributing, by being actively engaged in caring for animals in need. Many animal welfare organisations around th...
animal welfare, volunteering overseas, volunteer recruitment, non profit, welfare, projects, organisations - Posted by Oceans2earth - Posted 4 Years Ago

How Animal Volunteer Programs Help the Environment
The world we live in has become so complex, with challenges that we, as humans, have never been faced with before. The effects of climate change and environmental degradation is testing us all, and the headlines are filled with the politics of whether or not the time or effort is worth saving our planet. There are even the disbelievers who won’t recogn...
volunteer opportunities, worth saving, world rely, wont recognise, animals, animal, opportunities - Posted by Oceans2earth - Posted 4 Years Ago

Join Volunteering Organisations and Help Animal Conservation in Australia
In the face of massive habitat destruction and species loss, what can one ordinary individual do to help animal conservation? The destruction of wildlife is a large and complex problem with deep-seated roots, and it is not uncommon for people, particularly conservationists and environmental activists, to feel so powerless in the face of such a giant. Howev...
animal conservation, natural habitats, habitat destruction, work towards, conservation, wildlife, species - Posted by Oceans2earth - Posted 4 Years Ago

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