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5 Airplane Etiquettes to make Flying a Breeze
Flying with a crying baby as your seat partner or with a person who doesn’t share the armrest is a little problematic. You are already at high altitudes, and things like this can easily ruin the whole journey for you. At some places, you will not have to worry too much about these problems, and one of these is Etihad Airways. Where the hostesses are do...
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Dress Your Toddler On a Budget-Namshi
It’s a common misconception that children’s clothes are overpriced. This need not be true if you know how to properly dress your kids and if you buy from the right place. Let’s break down the code here.  Children use up a lot of clothing right? They are prone to changing constant, this is mainly because they tend to get their ...
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Flydubai - Flying Tips Everyone Should Know
 Travelling via aeroplanes is an anxiety-inducing circumstance for many. People may be scared of flights, or not trust the mechanics, whatever the reason is, some find flying scary. Here’s how to beat that fearTrapped in a metal tube that’s flying thousands of meters in the air, that sounds a bit scary right? Flights are also uncomfort...
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Awesome Home Decor Ideas-Pottery Barn Having a house is one thing but taking it
 You can take various approaches and styles to design your interiors. Modern, vintage, bohemian - these are all extremely popular themes around which you can decorate. If you have quirky taste, you don't need a theme at all. Whatever it is, you'll find all the best furniture and decor pieces only at Pottery Barn.  Carefully curated, Pott...
pottery barn, whole house, modern style, ideas pottery, style, pottery, furniture - Posted by Rubina Parveen - Posted 1 Year Ago

Exploring the best brands of Footwear-FootLocker
Our shoes or footwear are an integral part of our outfit. They bring the whole look together, while also serving the dual purpose of protecting your feet from the rough ground. When something is integral to your daily life, it is expected that you buy it from the best source right? This source happens to be Foot Locker. This website's mission is to bring to ...
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Best Arabic Bread Brands on Carrefour
Bread is simultaneously similar and unique to all countries and cultures. The bottom line is that everyone has a type of bread as a food staple. But it’s minor changes in the way that it’s made, or in some cases, only the name that sets them apart. In the Middle East, a very popular type of bread is Pita, while in Central America, it is the Torti...
pita bread, modern bakery, lebanese bread, goes along, carrefour, bread, pita - Posted by Rubina Parveen - Posted 1 Year Ago

Breaking The Online Shopping Myths- 6th Street
 Everything in this world has advantages and disadvantages. Like so, online shopping also has many advantages and disadvantages. For many, the disadvantages are fairly negligible when compared to the advantages. Most of the disadvantages, once you really look at it, aren’t at all disadvantages. It’s more our misconceptions about online sho...
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Things You Should Know Before You Shop Clearance
Many people don’t really condone shopping on clearance. They’re of the opinion that it’ll be old stocks or damaged goods. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Clearance is simply when stores are trying to deplete their left-over stocks so that they can re-stock. This does not mean the items are old or faulty, it simply means t...
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Avoiding The Fakes: How To Sort Fake Products From The Real Deal
Shopping online is the thing of the decade. Many people have even started to buy their groceries online, and it is especially catching up with the younger generation. With so many online websites, the opportunity to trick customers is also increasing. Kul, a newly opened online store in the middle east is one of the stores you can trust. Kul sells i...
third party, cheap rates, trick customers, return policy, kul, fake, online - Posted by Rubina Parveen - Posted 1 Year Ago

The Joys of Discounted Baby Shopping
Parents raising their first newborns usually feel like they’re lost in a forest. They’ve undertaken a journey where all the turns haven’t been explained previously, and where new surprises are just waiting to pop up. Though couples usually catch on to the swing of things, every event leading up to that moment  is possible the hardest t...
papas discount, after birth, youre left, where new, baby, birth, papas - Posted by Rubina Parveen - Posted 1 Year Ago

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