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Difference between Jardiance & Invokana
Most of the times patients are under the impression that Jardiance and Invokana are the same thing. Well, they are not. In this post we will help you understand the major differences between these two medicines.What is Jardiance?Jardiance which is also known as Empagliflozin is a medicine that is prescribed to control sugar levels. It helps the kidneys g...
Posted by RxAffordable - Posted 8 Months Ago

All you need to know about Eliquis
Eliquis, also known as Apixabin, is a type of medicine which is used for thinning blood. It enables the blood flow through the veins much easily and reduces the possibility of a blood clot being made. It is used to treat people who have health issues caused due to stroke, heart-attack and blood clot in legs or lungs.Eliquis is also used if there is a high ...
Posted by RxAffordable - Posted 10 Months Ago

Januvia Medicine: Vital Things to Remember
Insulin is a hormone in your body which is naturally made in the pancreas. If your body is incapable of making enough insulin then the condition is known as sugar diabetes. Patients suffering from diabetes need to control sugar in their blood for which they need to make certain dietary changes; however, at times that is not enough and some medication is also...
januvia online, doctors prescribe, buy januvia, blood sugar, januvia, doctor, sugar - Posted by RxAffordable - Posted 6 Months Ago

How to Read Ledger Line Notes
How you can read ledger line notes - easily and quickly. Multimedia ebook with proven memory aids for reading any ledger note on the piano. Free bonus ebook on playing music scales.

Pure Pitch Method - Master Absolute Pitch & Relative Pitch
Master Absolute Pitch and Relative Pitch in less than 6 weeks! The complete Pure Pitch training kit.

Advanced Guitar with Express Guitar Volume 2 - The Advancing Guitarist
Get ready for a Major Upgrade with your guitar skills, accuracy and musicianship!

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