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Buying Properties in Mumbai
Mumbai has always been the hub for selling and buying properties. Various locations in Mumbai are in demand by lots of local investors; foreign investors like Donald Trump are also willing to invest in the real estate sector in Mumbai. The real estate sector in Mumbai has always given high returns compared to other states or cities in the country. Mumbai is ...
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Healthy Financial Choices For Education Loan Borrowers
Numerous private and public lending organizations offer different types of student loans. Whether it is an interest-free education loan or high-interest one, you need to remain straight and narrow in your 20s. It is a demanding task any given day. Therefore, smart borrowers work on building financially smart habits. So, these are the habits you want to culti...
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Lowest Interest Rate Credit Card Offers
It wasn't that long ago that picking out the lowest interest rate credit card was merely a matter of going through the APR rates and simply picking the one that was the lowest. However, with reduced along with 0% promotional offers in addition to cash rebate cards, locating the credit card which offers the lowest rate is not actually as simple as it once was...
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How to Finance an Auto Purchase
When you walk into a dealership, you won’t be there long before a salesperson asks how you intend to pay for your new car.When the dealer starts in, just explain that you intend to pay in cash. Saying you’ll be paying in cash doesn’t mean you’re going to open up a briefcase with bricks of money inside, it just means that you’r...
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Credit-Card Companies Know How Little You Know
When I was 22, I wondered how credit-card companies made money. I had two cards at the time. They were free to use. Every month I would buy things with the cards, and -- because I used auto-pay -- every month the balance would be deducted from my checking account. As far as I could tell, this was a free service. And if I decided not to pay my credit-card bil...
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Documents Required for Education Loan
These days all the banks which are operating in India provide various type of loans to their account holders and public. Like Education Loan, Car Loan Two wheeler loan, used car loan, Home loan etc. There are various types of loan for which you can apply to any of the banks who are providing their services. Education loan are really great way for the student...
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Own Your Dream Car With A Car Loan
After finishing your higher studies, getting a well paid job, marrying the love of your life and purchasing your own house, the next step involves, buying a car. A car is not just a mode of transport, but the owners pride. Hence, it has to match your status. Imagine you have set your eyes on your dream car. The model and color are exactly how you wanted them...
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Ways to Avail Housing Loans
Everyone has a dream of owning a house, but not all are fortunate to have sufficient amount of funds to fulfill their dream. Also, the property prices in India are rising sky-high; hence, buying a house in a single payment isn’t really possible. If you are keen about buying a house, you can certainly go ahead and apply online for housing loans. Many go...
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What are the benefits of using a credit card?
Credit cards can be thought of as plastic money. Issued by financial institutions (mostly banks), they offer money (credit) that needs to be repaid within a stipulated time.Credit cards are a handy way to make payments and keep a record of your purchases. All you need to do is swipe your credit card online or at retail stores and you are done. Many also use ...
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6 Reasons Having One Savings Account Can Be Bad
This isn’t exactly​ true​. I used to be the same way​ though – I had one checking account, one savings account, and thought that’s all you ever needed. Well, I recently stumbled upon a method to savings that I find absolutely awesome and wanted to share it.If you only have one or two accounts, think about how many differ...
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