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36.Digital print scarf manufacturer
What is digital printing? Digital printing is divided into digital direct printing and digital thermal transfer printing. Digital direct printing means: using a digital printer to directly print the pattern you need on a variety of materials. For digital thermal transfer printing, it is necessary to pre-print the printed pattern on special paper, an...
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Scarf color matching skills
1. Brown - brown, the symbol of the earth's color, reminiscent of the trees in winter, giving a mature, steady symbol.a. Brown + brown (with the same color)The matching of silk scarves and clothes is the most basic and simple way to match, especially the brown and brown color gives a feeling of stability. But the downside is that there will be dullness a...
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How to match the color of the clothes with the color of the silk scarf?
1. Red - red is reminiscent of blood, associating with the source of life. It represents positive. Strong sense of autonomy.a. Red + yellow + gray (approximate color)This combination looks gorgeous. This method can be used when the light gray and dark gray of the silk scarf emphasizes itself. The contrast of yellow shows a kind of vitality. This method c...
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Silk scarf matching skills
About the choice of scarvesFirst of all, good fabrics(polyester scarf manufacturers, imitation silk scarf manufacturers, acrylic scarf manufacturers) are the first element that reflects the quality of silk scarves. In addition to carefully selecting the fabric, the sewing of the silk cloth edge is manually selected. The color of the printing should be unif...
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