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Ilana Camp

Ilana Camp

Joined: March 2nd, 2020
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The Importance of Warehouse Bins
Maintaining a safe, efficient and clean warehouse can prove to be challenging at times, especially with regard to organisation of industrial goods. Keeping items packed away and ready to be shipped is a vital part of workplace functionality, and failing to accomplish this can make all the difference. This is where warehouse bins come in, offering a secure an...
warehouse bins, small parts, micro bins, waste bins, warehouse, bins, small - Posted by Team Camp - Posted 5 Months Ago

4 Ways to Keep Warehouses Clean and Organised
Maintaining warehouse cleanliness can make all the difference between a good workplace and a great workplace. This particularly applies to safety and productivity, as mess and clutter not only distract workers, they also increase the risk of injury or accidents when working with material handling equipment. This is why keeping your warehouse clean and organi...
spill kits, warehouse clean, waste bins, warehouse bins, warehouse, spill, bins - Posted by Team Camp - Posted 5 Months Ago

How to Choose the Right Lifting Sling for Your Workplace
Lifting slings are a standard in a variety of industrial workplace environments. Commonly used in mines, docks, warehouses, construction sites, factories, storage facilities and more, lifting slings are a necessary cog in the machine of industrial rigging. This is largely because lifting slings, be it round slings, flat slings or chain slings, help safely li...
round slings, flat slings, chain slings, lifting slings, slings, round, lifting - Posted by Team Camp - Posted 5 Months Ago

Using Hazchem Spill Kits in Laboratories, Chemical Plants and Other Industries
Storing hazardous chemicals comes with the risk of leaks and spills regardless of how carefully and securely you store them. In these cases, having an efficient solution to quickly manage them can help prevent operational delays, damage to equipment and health risks for your employees. That’s where the spill kit comes in, providing your personnel with ...
spill kits, spill kit, hazchem spill, spill cleanup, spill, kits, kit - Posted by Team Camp - Posted 6 Months Ago

The Importance of Spill Kit Safety When Cleaning Up Spills in the Workplace
A spill kit is a vastly useful tool to have in your workplace, regardless of the environment you work in. Perfect for handling spills and leaks, spill kits are available in a variety of sizes and types to offer a convenient industrial solution in warehouses, workshops, factories, laboratories, mines and many other work areas. You can select from oil and fuel...
spill kits, spill kit, safety features, fuel spill, spill, safety, kits - Posted by Team Camp - Posted 6 Months Ago

Using Oil and Fuel Spill Kits in Workshops and Other Industrial Environments
A spill kit is an important thing to have in various industrial work environments, particularly in car workshops, automotive repair shops and other industrial areas. Since spills and leaks can sometimes occur, having appropriate tools and products to soak them up and clean the area can make all the difference. Ranging from 37L to 235L in capacity, fuel and o...
spill kits, fuel spill, spill kit, spilt liquids, spill, oil, kits - Posted by Team Camp - Posted 6 Months Ago

The Various Workplace Environments You Can Use Universal Spill Kits In
Having a Spill Kit in your workplace can prove to be handy in situations where things have spilled or leaked. From oils and degreasers to coolants, solvents and even paint, universal spill containment kits offer the perfect solution for all general industrial spill management regardless of the workplace environment you are situated in. Provided in either a c...
spill kits, universal spill, spill kit, spill control, spill, kits, universal - Posted by Team Camp - Posted 6 Months Ago

The Benefits of Using Hazchem Spill Kits in Your Workplace
The Spill Kit is an important part of any workplace that stores or handles hazardous liquids. In the event of a leak or spill, these chemical containment kits can give your employees the tools they need to effectively control and clean it up. Hazchem spill kits in particular have a multitude of melt-blown polypropylene absorbents that are colour-coded pink f...
spill kits, spill kit, hazchem spill, wheelie bins, spill, kits, kit - Posted by Team Camp - Posted 6 Months Ago

Why Your Workplace Needs Universal Spill Kits
Having an accessible Spill Kit around for when leaks and spills occur in the workplace can make all the difference. That’s where Universal Spill Kits come in, which are ideal for cleaning up everyday spills of coolant, solvent, degreaser, oil, blood, paint and mild acids. Able to recover up to 20 times their own weight in liquid, the polypropylene abso...
spill kits, universal spill, spill kit, spill containment, spill, kits, workplace - Posted by Team Camp - Posted 6 Months Ago

How Using Indalex Step Ladders Can Maximise Your Workplace’s Safety
Indalex step ladders are designed to assist workers in accessing out of reach areas in the workplace. Lightweight and durable, these Indalex step ladders are ideal for use in offices, warehouses, factories, retail stores, schools, hospitals and households, among others. Moreover, since many of these step ladders are collapsible, you can fold them flat for co...
step ladders, step ladder, indalex step, double sided, step, ladders, ladder - Posted by Team Camp - Posted 6 Months Ago

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