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How To Save On Winter Heating Bills With 3 Simple Steps
Everybody loves the fall, as it marks the beginning of the holiday season and brings families together. However, as winter approaches, the heating requirements rise considerably which can lead to an expensive season unless you do something about it. The same also applies for businesses, which means how to reduce the heating bills becomes a rising concern for...
air leaks, heating systems, space heating, simple measures, leaks, heating, energy - Posted by VasimNYE - Posted 5 Days Ago

HANAC Corona Senior Residence Designed By NY-Engineers Is Now 100% Phi Certified
The 68-unit, 8 story HANAC Corona Senior Residence was constructed in Corona, N.Y. for providing safe and affordable housing system through cutting edge sustainable building design to low-income seniors. The project aimed at achieving 75% - 90% energy savings compared to the existing buildings, which is a prerequisite for obtaining the Passive House Institut...
passive house, senior residence, new york, hanac corona, passive, house, building - Posted by VasimNYE - Posted 7 Days Ago

How Incentives And Import Tariffs Affect The Cost Of Solar Power
Since the last few decades, solar power has grown exponentially all over the world. There are several factors contributing to the growth of solar panels. However, affordable technological advancements coupled with rising electricity costs is one of the main reasons. Earlier, one of the major concerns regarding solar panels was the upfront cost, but with the ...
import tariff, tax credit, solar power, solar panels, tariff, solar, price - Posted by VasimNYE - Posted 12 Days Ago

Solar Power in US, The Top 5 States in East Coast
Solar power has been growing exponentially since the last 2 decades in the US. In the year 2000, there were only around 100 MW of solar installations. However, the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has already reported over 85,000 MW by mid-2020, an is estimated to reach 100,000 MW mark by early 2021.There have been several factors that contribute...
solar power, renewable energy, tax credit, electricity prices, tax, target, solar - Posted by VasimNYE - Posted 14 Days Ago

Understanding The Key Terms In Construction Contracts
Being able to create a good transparent construction contract is a skill expected from every builder and contractor to protect themselves and the clients. Apart from the actual construction work, a construction contract is definitely one of the most critical aspects of the project. Most of the contracts start with a basic list of items that are adapted based...
construction contract, key terms, construction contracts, most critical, terms, project, contracts - Posted by VasimNYE - Posted 16 Days Ago

Investing In Construction Safety, An Ethical & Lucrative Decision
Unlike most industries, safety in construction industry is extremely important as exposure to dangerous conditions are a part of everyday work in construction projects. Due to this, safety cannot be ignored if accidents and hazards are to be eliminated. The types of risks, major and minor, include working at heights, slipping and falling, material handling, ...
safety procedures, safety measures, construction technology, construction sites, safety, construction, prevention - Posted by VasimNYE - Posted 19 Days Ago

Why Are Solar Panels So Popular In California?
Within the last decade, the US solar industry has experienced a major growth from 2.5 GW of capacity in 2010 to over 81 GW within the first half of 2020. This was possible due to the federal tax credit for solar power systems which is 26% as of 2020. However, in US, solar power has not been adopted in all the states equally. Currently, California produces ov...
solar power, solar panels, pace loans, tax credit, us, solar, power - Posted by VasimNYE - Posted 20 Days Ago

Resilient Design For Buildings In Emergency Situations & Everyday Resilience
In architecture, the term “Resilient Design” refers to the design of buildings that responds to the natural and man-made disasters. In other words, resilience is the ability to adapt to the changing conditions and maintain or recover functionality after the disruption.The purpose of this article is the describe the importance and role of resili...
resilient design, building envelopes, seismic design, extreme weather, resilience, design, buildings - Posted by VasimNYE - Posted 21 Days Ago

Electric Motors, VFD vs Soft Starter. When To Choose?
Electric motors are useful in a wide range of applications in all kinds of buildings like residential, commercial and industrial. In all the applications, motors must have suitable controls and protections for ensuring optimal operation and a long service life. However, when motors quickly start at full voltage, they need large amount of energy, and the high...
soft starter, inrush current, service life, starting torque, voltage, vfd, starter - Posted by VasimNYE - Posted 25 Days Ago

How Do Energy Storage Systems Save Money And Reduce Energy Bills
Ever since the discovery of electricity, storing energy for on-demand purposes has always be a sought-out method. Over the last several decades, industries have evolved and adapted innovations to meet the changing energy requirements. Due to the growing concerns regarding energy consumption and environmental impact, solar panels and wind turbines became a po...
energy storage, solar panels, ion batteries, wind turbines, storage, kwh, energy - Posted by VasimNYE - Posted 26 Days Ago

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