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The Virtual Training Team

The Virtual Training Team
VTT offers a comprehensive range of virtual training courses
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Virtual Classroom: Step by Step Process to Design it
We know better than most that simply lifting a slide-deck from a face-to-face (F2F) workshop and presenting it in a virtual one just doesn’t deliver the best results. So, where do you start in building a workshop specifically for virtual delivery?Here we describe 8 steps that we follow in building our own virtual workshop:1. Start with the end in min...
virtual workshop, work out, virtual classroom, slide deck, virtual, workshop, visit - Posted by VirtualTrainingTeam - Posted 4 Months Ago

Flexible Working - Virtual Training - TVTT
It’s no secret that flexible working has proven to be extremely beneficial for employees, with the reduction of commuting time, financial cost and carbon. So what about the employers? Flexible working has the capacity to bring huge benefits to both parties and it cannot be disputed that this type of working is on the rise.So, shouldn’t m...
virtual training, request based, most desired, life commitments, work, flexible, employees - Posted by VirtualTrainingTeam - Posted 1 Month Ago

Virtual Training For Trainers
For these organizations, employee tra and development can pose a significant expense when employees have to. Be flown out to attend conferences and seminars. To minimize these costs, some of those organizations choose to train their globally dispersed workforce virtually, by way of webinars. As you more than likely know, a web seminar is a conference or meet...
virtual training, virtual exercise, training events, properly plan, virtual, training, platform - Posted by VirtualTrainingTeam - Posted 1 Month Ago

The Comprehensive Guide to Remote Work by TVTT
Here we describe some interesting points for you on remote work:1. What is remote working? 2. Why do we need remote working? 3. What are the benefits of remote working? 4. What are the physical practicalities of working remotely? 5. What about technical challenges of remote working? 6. Is remote working isolating and lonely? 7. What about the impact remote...
remote work, technical challenges, traditional office, physical practicalities, remote, work, remotely - Posted by VirtualTrainingTeam - Posted 2 Months Ago

Train the Trainer Tips | The Virtual Training Team
Importance of train the trainer tipsWhen you try to up-skill someone, you are putting your best efforts in them and trying to make them excel from their current way of working. It is very important that the people you are going to train have a clear understanding of the subject. In order to make this successful, the coach too needs to have clarity about th...
trainer tips, virtual training, training team, trainer, train, tips, virtual - Posted by VirtualTrainingTeam - Posted 1 Year Ago

4 Questions to Ask for Train the Trainer Service
4 Questions to ask when looking for a virtual train the trainer provider:So, you know why you should get upskilled with virtual train the trainer (VILT) . You have decided to ‘Go Pro’ by going through Train the Trainer (TTT) upskilling to deliver or design virtual training.Here are 4 questions to ask when looking for a virtual train the train...
4 questions, virtual train, trainer provider, vilt ttt, vilt, trainer, train - Posted by VirtualTrainingTeam - Posted 1 Year Ago

How to Build a Blended Learning Programme
How to Build a Blended Learning Programme:Designing and building a Blended Learning programme can be both exciting and daunting at the same time! It is a great opportunity to create a learning solution that delivers behaviour change and successful outcomes for both the learners and their organisation. With this much impact, it’s important to get it r...
learning programme, blended learning, very end, successful outcomes, programme, purpose, learning - Posted by VirtualTrainingTeam - Posted 7 Months Ago

Get the Services for Team Training | TVTT
Educating the upcoming workforce is an important part of any company. Success of the company doesn't depend on how well the employees perform but how well the companies consistently do it over a period of time. Training the novices in an efficient way should be in the minds of the leaders of the company. A new innovation has taken over this age old practice ...
workshop training, virtual workshop, tvtt tvtt, training provider, tvtt, training, skills - Posted by VirtualTrainingTeam - Posted 7 Months Ago

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Guitar Theory Revolution
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