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Winnie Melda

Winnie Melda

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Dangers with healthy psychology of using epidemiological methods
 Dangers in using invalid data- There are restriction in obtaining data especially during emergencies and as such hinder the use of epidemiological tool in health psychology (Kleinbaum et al., 1982).Dangers of rapid change in health and nutritional status of many emergency affected population-There is a high possibility of having outdated  recomm...
kleinbaum et, et al, obtaining data, epidemiological tool, data, kleinbaum, epidemiological - Posted by Winniem - Posted 1 Year Ago

Hefty hardware
IntroductionThe case of Hefty hardware is about a retail firm that is struggling to make sense of the increasing need of having information technology in the business and the value that information technology is currently delivering. The main challenge being faced by the firm is how to ensure effective collaboration in the business in all levels. Some of t...
hefty hardware, store program, savvy store, relationship between, technology, relationship, program - Posted by Winniem - Posted 2 Years Ago

Teaching simple present tense in class
Introduction:Teaching is regarded as a process in which a teacher passes knowledge on a given topic to students or learners. The role of a teacher is usually formal and takes place at a school or any other formal education. Teachers facilitate student learning and this objective is achieved through formal or informal approach to learning. These learning ap...
adverb clause, takes place, her husband, eventhough her, write, teaching, teacher - Posted by Winniem - Posted 1 Year Ago

Management of the IS functions assignment
The Five dysfunction of a team Patrick LencioniPatrick Lencioni wrote the five dysfunctions of a team using a leadership fable on a story of Technology Company struggling to grow and to find customers. In the book, the new CEO recognizes the company has innovative products and great talent, but the executives are not working together as a team. They tend t...
five dysfunctions, excellent book, change things, short term, tend, team, rider - Posted by Winniem - Posted 2 Years Ago

Oceanography mini-Research Paper
IntroductionFrom time immemorial, the oceans have always been subject to human activities (Hassan, 2005). To a contrasting extent, these activities have adverse impacts on the state of the marine environment. Of concern is that marine water forms a huge and basic source of life to a great habitat. It also forms a diverse part of the natural ecosystem based...
marine pollution, marine environment, agricultural runoff, radioactive materials, water, runoff, radioactive - Posted by Winniem - Posted 1 Year Ago

Literacy narrative
My memories about writing and to a greater extent reading are very unpleasant.  It was very difficult for me to receive a high school diploma after failing my proficiency test in my eighth grade. Despite months of preparation and anxiety, I scored a lower grade than my classmates. The test covered reading, math, writing and other subjects. I thought to ...
my writing, my classmates, recall reading, years either, writing, my, reading - Posted by Winniem - Posted 1 Year Ago

Importance of Health Records
 Introduction            Health records also referred to as medical records are some of the most important health database requirements for both the patient and the medical assistant while doing her job. A consistent recording by the medical assistant while doing their jobs is proof that they are helpi...
medical records, medical assistants, medical assistant, et al, records, patient, medical - Posted by Winniem - Posted 1 Year Ago

Circuits Lab Report
 INTRODUCTION TO NI ELVISObjectiveThe laboratory experiment aims at equipping students with knowledge of building circuits using the Prototype Board and connecting them to the NI ELVIS.ProcedureThe various equipment required for the experiment are; NI ELVIS Workstation, 1.0 kΩ resistor, and Digital Multimeter.It was ensured that before...
ni elvis, open circuit, elvis scope, voltage across, voltage, ni, hz - Posted by Winniem - Posted 2 Years Ago

Bottling Company Case Study
 Column1Column2Column1Mean15.854Standard Error0.120751098Median15.99Mode16.21Standard Deviation0.661381Sample Variance0.437424828Kurtosis0.559167406Skewness-0.792894156Range2.73...
soda bottle, selling contain, bottle content, volume advertised, content, bottle, soda - Posted by Winniem - Posted 1 Year Ago

Religion and Theology
The spiritual practice of transformation holds inside its broad embraces the individual renewals that come with a spiritual awakening, a change, a spiritual epiphany, or illumination. It covers the deepening that occurs when we get In touch with our higher self or spirit. Transformation usually involves turning from old ways, particularly those that have bec...
spiritual transformation, spiritual practice, remote area, new meaning, spiritual, transformation, life - Posted by Winniem - Posted 1 Year Ago

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