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Mobile Ad Geo Targeting for Increased Monetization
Have you heard of the catch phrase that says “Local is the new Global”? The advent of mobile marketing took products and services to each and every prospective customer located even in the remote corners of the world. It expanded the scope of reach, but brought with it, its own series of difficulties. What will a person in Africa do about a sale ...
geo targeting, mobile phone, mobile ad, ad geo, mobile, targeting, geo - Posted by adiquity - Posted 6 Years Ago

Promote your Business with Ads for Mobile Android Sites
The trending technique in internet marketing is mobile marketing. With wider reach, better response percentage and easy-to-track options, mobile marketing techniques have gained a firm foothold in the virtual business world. An offshoot of paid marketing that was used to display ads on websites, ads for android phone is slowly, but steadily growing in popula...
android phone, mobile sites, mobile marketing, designing ads, mobile, ads, marketing - Posted by adiquity - Posted 6 Years Ago

Mobile Ad Geo Targeting and Mobile RTB Exchange
Geo targeting is an approach for ascertaining the Geo-location of website visitors and delivering various contents to each of them depending upon his/ her geographical location, which will be identified by the IP address, ISP, region, country, state/ city, zip/ metro code or customized options, location aware app or some other criteria. For such identificati...
geo targeting, rtb exchange, mobile rtb, mobile ad, mobile, ad, geo - Posted by adiquity - Posted 6 Years Ago

What is Mobile Ad Network Mediation?
The steady growth and reach of Smartphones has brought forth the growth of mobile applications and mobile advertisements. Mobile marketing has now become the latest buzz in the field of advertising and marketing. With so many types of ads and mobile ad formats being released into the virtual world, there should some kind of rule to regulate the design, posti...
mobile ad, network mediation, ad network, ad formats, mobile, ad, network - Posted by adiquity - Posted 6 Years Ago

Types of Mobile Ad Formats
Mobile marketing has grown over the last few years, thanks to the increasing number of Smartphone users. Advertising on the mobile medium is very different from the other traditional mediums. The first difference is the amount of space you have. When you are planning to design ads for the mobile phone, you should think small, but yet super effective. Like Da...
mobile ad, ad formats, text ads, image ads, mobile, ads, ad - Posted by adiquity - Posted 6 Years Ago

Mobile Ad Network Vs Mobile Ad Network Mediation
The end goal of any marketing strategy is to create buzz about the product and to maximize revenue for the company. Advertisement and marketing went virtual with the growing popularity of the World Wide Web. Keeping in track with the development of Smartphones, marketing also followed it to the smaller screen. Thanks to the widespread use of internet-enable...
mobile ad, ad network, network mediation, mediation platform, network, mobile, ad - Posted by adiquity - Posted 6 Years Ago

Mobile RTB Exchange Helps Display Your Mobile Rich Media Ads at the Right Places
As mobile phones began to develop at lightning’s phase, especially after internet-based applications became very popular among users. The growing trend of internet mobile opened up new avenues for mobile marketing, allowing developers to create and design mobile rich media ads. When it comes to designing mobile ads, the only thing that you can be limit...
rtb exchange, mobile rtb, rich media, mobile rich, mobile, ads, rtb - Posted by adiquity - Posted 6 Years Ago

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