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Abhishek Sarswat

Abhishek Sarswat

Abhishek Sarswat is a blogger cum writer speak about safety.
Joined: January 7th, 2020
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Things You Need to Know About Background Checks
Background Verification is certainly has become very important nowadays considering the kind of environment we live in. There is crime all around. We can’t even predict who is right and who is wrong. To get rid of our false interpretation of people, it is mandatory that we do proper verification of the person we are hiring, both for office and househol...
background checks, social media, background verification, media verifications, verification, checks, background - Posted by agileabhishek - Posted 8 Months Ago

Police Verification Process
Police verification is a process to get information about the individual, history of the individual and details about the criminal history of the individual. If there is any criminal complaint against the individual, it is filed at the local police station where he/she stays. Police verification is used for many reasons like a government or private job, issu...
police verification, background verification, verification services, tenant verification, verification, process, police - Posted by agileabhishek - Posted 5 Months Ago

Background Verification Lacks Basic Infrastructure in India
Background Verification has become an important part of recruitment today. With the growing technology and people having trust issues with each other, almost everyone is going through before hiring an employee. The Indian background screening industry has grown rapidly over the last few years, but it is nowhere close to where it should be.  How...
background verification, background screening, background checks, verification process, background, companies, india - Posted by agileabhishek - Posted 7 Months Ago

Guidelines While Doing a Background Check
We are living in a fast paced world with the borders fading out and people moving around the globe. People from any part of the world might interact with you, work with you or stay with you. Can you be sure that you even know about the person you are connecting with? Gone are the days when you could place your trust in testimonials and personal references su...
background verification, background checks, world might, personal references, background, verification, laws - Posted by agileabhishek - Posted 4 Months Ago

How Technology is Disrupting Background Verification?
Verifying a number of applications and hiring employees is a very time-consuming process which if done manually can lead to serious human errors. This is an era of technology when tech is revolutionizing each and every sphere in the world, may it be healthcare, finance, banking, or any other. In a similar way, tech is also disrupting background verification ...
background verification, done manually, disrupting background, consuming process, verification, background, technology - Posted by agileabhishek - Posted 7 Months Ago

Improve Workplace Security with Background Verification Services
Importance of Employee background verification process comes in limelight when a company faces any issue or gone through a big fraud done by any of their employee. Employment verification is very important for a company to check the status of newly hired employee or their existing ones too. In the absence of other verification checks may lead to worst result...
background verification, verification companies, background screening, screening process, verification, employee, companies - Posted by agileabhishek - Posted 3 Months Ago

Background Verification Companies in India
There are multiple reasons for someone to approach a background verification company. It might be for verifying their caretakers or domestic workers. It can be employers searching for them to verify their potential employees. It can be busy parents looking to verify their nannies before employing them. The importance of such companies is rising for various s...
background verification, verification companies, background checks, record checks, verification, companies, checks - Posted by agileabhishek - Posted 4 Months Ago

Benefits of Background Verification Services
Since each business has various needs and approach for directing record verifications, however it is critical to convey total representative individual verifications to secure workers, clients and friends overall solid personality. An organization must confirm individual character, confirmation of living arrangement, instructive degrees, foundation history a...
verification services, background verification, record verifications, off chance, verification, individual, business - Posted by agileabhishek - Posted 3 Months Ago

Why a Landlord Requires Tenant Background Verification?
Regardless, there is a proprietor or an association proprietor, everybody need to convey foundation confirmation checks for security perspective. When all is said in done, process of Domestic Worker Verification is a complete survey procedure of an individual or some other association's business records, money related information and generally signi...
background verification, verification checks, off chance, foundation confirmation, verification, checks, tenant - Posted by agileabhishek - Posted 3 Months Ago

Background Verification Companies in Gurgaon
On the basis of studies, we can say that Gurgaon is not a safe place or a safe city for girls anymore. The one thing to remember here is that you need to use the same common sense that you would to live in any other city. Properties prices are quite high because of lot of black money of politicians parked in Gurgaon which can be the main reason of higher pri...
record verifications, background checks, verification companies, personal investigations, records, criminal, background - Posted by agileabhishek - Posted 4 Months Ago

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