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Application fields of green abrasive brush filaments
1. Surface finishing of copper strip and aluminum strip coil; 2. Automobile wheel hub, gear processing, engine parts deburring; 3. Finishing treatment of compressor parts of refrigerators and air conditioners; 4. Remove surface burrs and chamfers after machining; 5. Polishing the surface of die castings; 6. Deburr...
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The main purpose of the dust brush
The main purpose of dust-proof brushes is to install at the inlets and outlets of industrial equipment, assembly lines, doors and windows, etc., to prevent dust from entering through these gaps and polluting equipment and products. Therefore, the requirements for brushing wire are high elasticity. The surface of the brush wire is lubricated, and preferably h...
brush wire, industrial equipment, dust removal, dust proof, resistance, dust, brush - Posted by aiyunyingjj - Posted 3 Days Ago

Application range of industrial brushes
There are many types of industrial brushes, and their specifications are complex, and their application range is also extremely wide. It can be said that in modern industrial production, almost all walks of life will use this accessory tool. The following is a brief list of the application scope of industrial brushes based on the use of various industries....
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The brush has a wide range of applications, but also pay attention to brush main
The brushes we produce are affordable and widely used in industrial machinery cleaning, polishing, dust removal, rust removal, polishing, cleaning, gluing, and conveying. In addition, the brushes can also be applied to the glass industry, leather industry, footwear industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, wood industry, furniture industry, electronics...
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The main materials and uses of industrial brushes
Industrial brushes are new products that are upgraded and improved on the basis of civilian brushes. The main uses are cleaning, dust removal, polishing, etc. in the industrial production process. After the application, the materials are divided into the following major items: 1. Gold-bearing steel grit abrasive wire brush roller: mainly used in ste...
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What is the advantages and disadvantages of mosaic glass?
Mosaic glasses are called glass mosaics or glass paper leather bricks, it is a small specter of colored facing glass. The mosaic glass has the advantages of bright color, wide range of applications and high temperature resistance, but it also has a fragile and consuming time.Advantages of mosaic glass1. The mosaic glass can be used in the shower room, li...
mosaic glass, white cement, mm mosaic, wall tile, wall, mosaic, glass - Posted by aiyunyingjj - Posted 1 Month Ago

Are nylon bristles made of new or second-hand?
There are many types of brushes, complex specifications and a wide range of applications. In modern industrial production, brushes are used in almost every industry. With the large demand of industrial development, the quality of nylon brushes varies from good to bad. Do you know whether the nylon brushes on your hand are brand new or second-hand? Come and l...
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DMS Custom Bonded Seals
Bonded Seals are also known as Dowty Seals or Dowty Bonded Washers. They are excessive stress seals that are used in the Mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic sectors. Bonded seals have an oblong section, metallic washer, with a trapezoidal formed ring of vulcanised rubber bonded to the inside. Both the washer and the fabric can be chosen to swimsuit a given a...
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DMS Spring Energized Seals
Spring energized seals embody a wide range of products that that may be customized to operate in a broader vary of purposes than another seal product out there. This is feasible because of the availability of seal jacket supplies and configurations together with spring masses, spring materials and spring sizes. In these cases, DMS Spring Energized seals make...
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DMS custom rubber seals
Rubber seals are used in many industrial, commercial and client settings. Many kinds of manufacturing equipment require use of rubber seals, particularly in manufacturing processes that contain pressurized liquids or gasses. Machinery that is delicate to mud accumulation or environmental circumstances may be shielded by some variety of rubber sealant. To add...
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