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5 workout ideas for people stuck in a desk job
The modern era is taking humans out of human beings as they are turning more robotic every day. The lack of a proper food habits and uneven sleeping pattern has made the situation worse. The employees need to stay fit and running in such circumstances, but there is no time for that. Some employees spend more than half a day sitting in their desk and doing mi...
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7 ways to lose weight the right way
You have decided to lose weight and get fitter and healthier? However, the information online could confuse you. Type out how to lose weight and you will find several advices along with stats. You may feel, ‘where to begin from?’Starting a new fitness and health regime can be a daunting process. So, here are some weight loss tips, ensuring you ...
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6 ways to keep your skin healthy in summers
Summers are a trying time for your skin. The blazing sun and scorching heat can be unforgiving to your skin. Pollution and other such environmental factors take away your skin’s radiance, leaving it oily, dull, and blemished. The skin tends to look oilier and dry skin starts appearing rough and patchy. The sun ray’s intensity also tans your skin....
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