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High time you stop reference checking- Here is why
While people are looking to advance their business by investing in automation relentlessly, recruitment can still be considered as one of those areas where the process is still quite obsolete at most of the workplaces. In short, there is a long way for the recruitment department to be able to call itself doing something truly innovative or advanced. While a ...
stop reference, management software, attendance management, work samples, company, doing, still - Posted by alenparker - Posted 1 Year Ago

Benefits of SAP Business One for Dairy Industry
Being in a dairy business is no bed of roses. This industry faces many challenges related to food safety, compliance, packaging, labeling, wastage reduction, manage shelf life, track inventory and offer better food choices and many others. How to cope up with all the critical tasks and yet maintain the industry standards?We’ve got the solution for you....
sap business, nutritional value, erp software, dairy manufacturers, sap, business, dairy - Posted by alenparker - Posted 1 Year Ago

Is probationary period a threat to your job security?
A lot more than often, the thought “Is my job in danger?” crosses the mind of the new employee. When? Clearly, when an individual is on a probationary period and even more when he has been extended a probation extension letter. Why? It is because the whole purpose of probation is to keep a check on the performance and worth of the employees so th...
probation period, probation extension, job security, extension letter, probation, period, company - Posted by alenparker - Posted 1 Year Ago

Got a New Candidate Joining? Use This Handy Checklist.
Checklists are important, very very important! There are instances when you not just as a recruiter but in personal life as well forget to complete your tasks. For instance, when you go to grocery shopping, there might be a thing or two that you will forget buying. If you would have had a checklist of the items you have to buy, this would have not happened. ...
offer letter, new hire, letter download, work schedule, new, offer, hire - Posted by alenparker - Posted 1 Year Ago

Transforming your Packaging business with ERP for Packaging
The packaging industry is replete with a host of challenges. From ink management to lot traceability, labeling, accurate part labeling and production quality, the industry has its own set of challenges. The packaging industry also has to deal with the complexity of ensuring the product is reaching safely to the customers. Plus, to reduce material waste and d...
packaging industry, sap business, packaging business, supply chain, packaging, business, industry - Posted by alenparker - Posted 1 Year Ago

Sick leave abuse: Are your employees taking unplanned leaves frequently?
Have you ever felt that the employees are getting ill too often, that too either for a day or on a stretch? Well, you must have! While we are not denying that some employees do have a poor immune system and are really sensitive, but some, without any denial, are merely using their casual and sick leaves in vain. They make excuses of being sick to take leaves...
sick leave, leave abuse, attendance policy, unplanned leaves, sick, leaves, employees - Posted by alenparker - Posted 1 Year Ago

How does recruitment software help
A recruitment software, as the name suggests, is a software that is used for doing recruitment related tasks. Now, software are clearly meant to simplify the way things are done, and so, the recruitment software you invest in should simplify the recruitment related tasks you do and not mess them up even more. In this blog, we mention the tasks that a recruit...
recruitment software, recruitment management, management software, does recruitment, software, recruitment, management - Posted by alenparker - Posted 1 Year Ago

The Benefits of Transition to SAP HANA
In a fast-paced world, CIOs and CMOs are under constant pressure to be future ready at all times. At the pace of which business is evolving, CIOs, CEOs, CMOs, CFOs cannot afford to ignore the transformative power that SAP HANA bring in for the business. They simply cannot afford to ignore the possibility that next-generation HANA can offer.The advanced and...
sap hana, memory platform, smooth transition, sap business, sap, platform, hana - Posted by alenparker - Posted 1 Year Ago

Why You Should Invest In Biometric Attendance Software?
The productivity of the workforce is critical for every organisation. However, employees just like the students in a class don’t study till the time a teacher is around; in offices, employees don’t work assiduously till the time they are being monitored. So, simply keeping a check on the work hours of employees isn’t sufficient. For as long...
biometric attendance, attendance software, workforce analytics, work assiduously, employees, attendance, biometric - Posted by alenparker - Posted 2 Years Ago

Reasons You need Mobile BI for your business
In today’s digital world, businesses are prioritizing access to a mobile BI functionality that is powerful and smart enough to respond to their dynamic needs and millennial workforce. Mobile business intelligence (BI) has quickly emerged as an easy way to provide real-time sales, revenue, finance, expense, or any critical data on the fly where users ca...
mobile bi, mobile functionality, bi functionality, dig deeper, mobile, bi, business - Posted by alenparker - Posted 2 Years Ago

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