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What You Must Know Before You Hire a Real Estate Coach
Signing a contract is an important step. Before you choose a real estate business coach, you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. A wrong hire can impact your business in the worst way. It could take you months—if not years—to recover. On the other hand, the right person will do so much for your team. Here’s what you ne...
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How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab
There are fewer things in life more heart-breaking than to see a loved one succumb to addiction. Substance abuse is a serious matter. If your friend or family member is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you’ll want to help them get better. But wanting to get them help isn’t as easy as bringing them to rehab.Anyone who's ever himself in this situati...
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7 little known facts about the King James Bible
Mention the King James Bible to anyone, and chances are high they know about it. It is quite a popular bible translation version. There are so many other English bible translations versions today, but the King James Bible remains one of the most common versions known. You may use this bible version frequently but are not aware of specific facts about it. Her...
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4 tenant screening services you should try
Tenant screening is done by landlords and property managers to verify information given to them by prospective tenants. Screening your tenants, gives you their credit information, criminal records, eviction records, among others. Tenant screening has been viewed by many as an invasion of privacy. However, with the passing of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FC...
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What are the benefits of electrical submetering?
You can't manage what you haven't measured! With energy management becoming a severe challenge to property owners, facility managers, and tenants, utility submetering might be the solution. Submetering bridges this information gap and gives real-time visibility of energy usage, helping you manage your energy use effectively. Implementing submetering in your ...
energy consumption, electrical submetering, utility bills, traditional submetering, submetering, energy, tenants - Posted by amosfred1990 - Posted 22 Days Ago

5 Creative Uses for Aerial Photography
There are plenty of uses for aerial photography especially for businesses. Your team might benefit from hiring these services. Whether for personal or commercial uses, the ability to capture images from a high vantage is a unique way to capture properties and that can come in handy for your company in more ways than one.Listing PhotographsIf you plan on ...
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10 Signs You Are Hiring an Awesome Conference Speaker
It’s easy to put a call out to anyone in your industry when searching for a presenter for your event and get applications trickling.But that’s being shoddy because a speaker you source for a conference can either make or break you.If you hire a renowned and top-tier presenter, you stand a chance to add integrity to your line-up. The reason is...
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9 Tips On How To Choose Building Management Software
The real estate space is highly competitive, and only favours the best-managed and productive firms. And for your information, technology and building management are inseparable these days!Managing your real estate business shouldn't cost your every ounce of energy. It doesn't matter if you are a DIY landlord or the manager. Meaning, you should dump...
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What Are Pruning Saws Used For: Tips On Using A Pruning Saw
Pruning is a way of cutting and shaping plants to make them more aesthetically appealing and help them fit properly into certain spaces. However, knowing when a pair of clippers will do the job and when to bring in a pruning saw can be tricky, especially if you’re new to pruning. Here’s what you need to know about shaping your landscape with thes...
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7 Things You Need to Know Before Conducting Your Next HOA Reserve Study
Associations are tasked with the maintenance and preservation of a condominium’s common properties. To pull that off, though, these organizations must come up with funding plans that outline the repairs as well as replacement costs of major common area components in the future. If you’re going to hire a HOA reserve study firm, here are seven thin...
reserve study, hoa reserve, reserve studies, figure out, reserve, study, hoa - Posted by amosfred1990 - Posted 2 Months Ago

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