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An Overview Of Bioequivalence Study For Drug Development And Testing
With soaring drug prices, the need for generic drugs has increased in the past decade and has been a debatable topic even in the political spectrum. Pharmaceutical companies are also on a daily hunt for receiving generic drug approval that would act as equivalents to brand-name versions.Difference Between Drug Equivalents & Drug AlternativesA complet...
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Things to Know Before Taking Loan Against Property in India
Your property is among your most valuable assets and it could bail you out of tough financial situations by enabling you to apply for a loan against property.Loan against property is one of the most accepted ways to tide over financial storms.If you are taking a loan against property in India, you’d find almost every bank and NBFC offerin...
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No Restrictions - Use the Capital for Any of Your Business Needs
In India, a small business typically receives payments from large enterprises after 90 days of raising the invoice. However, most small businesses do not have sufficient cash to manage this delay and therefore find their hands tied in even managing their routine business operations. The problem is acute for organisations that are young and do not have a st...
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All business units, small or large, require funds to maintain and expand their business. SME loans are finance given to small and medium enterprises, which helps these businesses expand or run business operations. Certain NBFCs provide working capital loans which are tailor made to suit the requirement of SMEs. The funds received from these loans- can be use...
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5 Tips for Easy Repayment of Taxi Loans
Radio taxis are getting more popular by the day for the convenience of hassle-free traveling. Key players Ola and Uber are now constantly coming up with new offers, discounts, and fresh features to achieve market leadership. Features like Ola Share, Uber Pool, and even outstation rentals are activated by a simple swipe of the mobile screen. The privilege of ...
radio taxi, counseling centers, bi weekly, weekly payments, taxi, loan, repayment - Posted by ankitshrivastav112 - Posted 4 Years Ago