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Causes and avoiding methods of open pouring breakout
(1) The head of the tundish stopper rod and the bowl of the upper water inlet are poorly baked. Because the bowl is low, the baking flame of traditional baking method can't reach the bowl, so the temperature of the bowl is 100 ~ 200℃ lower than that of other parts. The low temperature of molten steel can easily cause cold steel to pad bars and steel fl...
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Rise in graphite electrode price inevitable
★ Overseas HP Graphite electrode production capacity is dwindling.Not only did China's graphite electrode market took a severe hit in recent years, overseas graphite electrode enterprises were also confronted with harsh environment in operationand decline in production capacity. For instance, SGL Group shut down plants inItaly, Spain and Canada, and ...
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The different of HP graphite electrode and UHP graphite electrode
Ultra-high power graphite electrodes refer to graphite electrodes that allow the use of current densities greater than 25 A / cm2. UHP graphite electrode is mainly used in ultra-high power electric furnace and ladle furnace.High power graphite electrodes refer to the graphite electrode that allows the use of a current density of 18 ~ 25A / cm2.Graphite ele...
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The details and classification of HP graphite electrodes
Graphite electrodes are widely used in Industrial arc furnace, Steel mills, Foundries, or other metallic and nonmetallic materials, etc.HP Graphite electrodes are used in EAF and LF for steel making, as well as in electric smelting furnace for producing industrial silicon, phosphorus, etc.The regular power, high-power graphite electrode and ultra-high-po...
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Come to know the classification of HP graphite electrodes
According to the different of service power and electricity , using different refractory raw materials and production technology, graphite electrodes can be divided into ordinary power (RP) graphite electrodes, high power (HP) graphite electrodes, ultra-high power (UHP) graphite electrodes.We are a well-recognised organization engaged in manufacturing, sup...
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Processing of iron and steel scrap
The processing of steel scrap differs from different kind of refractory material quality and shapes. Breakable and irregular shape lumps can be broken by the hammering of heavy punch, Extra thick and extra long scraps should be cut into proper sizes by flame cutter. The scraps with even larger sizes can be broken with blasting method. Thick waste steel plate...
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Tabular Alumina for High Purity Corundum Brick
High purity corundum brick with Al2O3 content above 99% is studied based on tabular alumina and white fused alumina (WFA) as single aggregate and the combination of both. In comparison with Tabular alumina, WFA aggregate has relatively higher SiO2 content of above 0.10% and shows fluctuation on soda content. WFA also has a high open porosity of 8.8%, which v...
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The advantage and disadvantage of graphite electrode
Ultra-high power graphite electrode:Graphite electrodes is mainly made of petroleum coke and needle coke as refractory raw materials, and coal tar pitch as a binder, which is prepared by calcining, compounding, kneading, pressing, calcining, graphitizing and machining and is released in an electric arc furnace Electrical energy on the charge heating and melt...
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Advantages of graphite electrode relative to copper electrode
1. Diverse mold geometry are complicated and product application requirements for the accuracy of EDM discharge leads to more and more high. The advantages of the graphite electrode is easy processing, high removal rate of graphite EDM, small loss, therefore, some group based spark machine spark machine customers give up copper electrode instead of graphite ...
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The features and application of graphite electrode
Graphite electrodes find application in manufacture of Steel and other non-ferrous metals through the Electric Arc Furnace and the Laddle Furnace routes. It is used as a consumable for conducting high current at low voltage which is necessary for melting and / or alloying processes.Graphite is the unique material for Electrodes as it optimally fulfils the re...
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