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Why are Fixed Deposits trending after Budget 2019-2020?
Two of the main highlights from the proposals of the Interim Budget 2019 were the increase in the age-old TDS limit on fixed deposit interest income and a tax rebate for individuals with a taxable income of up to Rs.5 lakh in a financial year. Although a fixed deposit is popular in India as one of the most secure options, it is trending even more after the a...
interest rates, interim budget, fixed deposit, 5 lakh, rs, rates, interest - Posted by arwindsharma - Posted 3 Months Ago

PF Calculator: How to Calculate Provident Fund Online
While there are various ways in which employers reward long-standing employment tenures of individuals, the Provident Fund is one of the common ways to do so. If you are wondering how the amount collected through your provident fund is going to aid you during retirement, you can use a PF calculator to ensure that you plan your finances well in advance.What...
provident fund, pf calculator, provident funds, government sector, years, provident, pf - Posted by arwindsharma - Posted 5 Days Ago

Pune a Perfect City for Investment in Residential Property
Pune is the cultural capital and the second largest city of Maharashtra and the 7th largest metropolitan city of India. It is also the administrative capital of the Western Ghats. The city has seen some major advancements in the past few years. It has had massive growth in the field of industries and this growth owes to the establishment of automotive and in...
real estate, pune brings, property pricing, make pune, pune, property, city - Posted by arwindsharma - Posted 10 Months Ago

Investment Schemes to Make Your Parents Retirement Secure
If you wish to do something fruitful for your parents, make their retirement secure by investing in a good investment scheme. When we say a good investment scheme it means a plan that requires a nominal amount for investment, yields higher returns compared to other schemes and has minimum risk. Moreover, being senior citizens your parents are eligible for ma...
investment scheme, tax benefits, senior citizens, senior citizen, scheme, investment, benefits - Posted by arwindsharma - Posted 20 Days Ago

Common FAQs on How Credit Cards Work
An increasing number of the population is looking to avail a credit card to enjoy financial freedom, convenience, and the additional benefits on offer. However, before someone opts for this financial tool, they should ensure that they understand what a credit card is and how it works.Let’s take a look at some common FAQs to understand this financial ...
credit card, credit cards, credit limit, billing cycle, interest, financial, credit - Posted by arwindsharma - Posted 1 Month Ago

Home Loans - Are You Eligible?
The Indian real estate sector has received a big boost through Home Loans. These loans have helped many realise their homeowner dreams. There are many banks and housing finance companies which offer Home Loans. Of course, you need to meet the Home Loan eligibility criteria to avail the loan. Most financial institutions offer Home Loans to the extent of 80-85...
loan eligibility, home loan, home loans, housing loan, loans, loan, home - Posted by arwindsharma - Posted 1 Year Ago

A Quick Insight Into Reducing and Flat Personal Loan Interest Rates
A personal loan is one of the most preferred financial tools these days by borrowers. It is because the facility helps them cover their needs without issues. Anyone who can meet a lender’s loan eligibility terms can access the desired loan money soon.A personal loan is an unsecured one and hence, you don’t need to submit any collateral or secur...
personal loan, loan interest, interest rates, personal loans, reducing, rates, personal - Posted by arwindsharma - Posted 1 Month Ago

Need Cash in a Hurry? Apply for CA Loans and Enjoy Instant Approval
According to the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, there are around 75,000 fellow CAs and 49,000 associate CAs in full-time practice as of 2018. The total number of fellow and associate CAs currently in full-time practice, part-time practice, and not in practice is around 2.8 Lakh.The majority of Chartered Accountants look to start their own pra...
chartered accountant, personal loans, chartered accountants, against property, property, practice, loans - Posted by arwindsharma - Posted 5 Months Ago

How to Avail Loans Against Shares, Debentures, and Bonds?
Today, there are many ways in which you can purchase a loan. Banks and NBFCs have various sources to provide you with immediate funds in times of financial crisis. You can borrow these loans as per your repaying capacity and urgency. Loans Against Shares (LAS) is one such loan which you can avail by pledging some of your purchased shares to the lending insti...
against shares, loan against, bajaj finserv, paying advances, shares, loan, against - Posted by arwindsharma - Posted 8 Months Ago

Apply For the Best Personal Loan in Surat
Surat is one of the rapidly emerging cities in the country and is acknowledged for its economic prowess in recent years. Individuals living in this rapidly growing city will always have a need for credit to fulfill their aspirations and take care of important obligations. If you are looking for a personal loan in Surat, you will have several options to choos...
personal loan, interest rates, personal loans, range between, personal, loans, loan - Posted by arwindsharma - Posted 1 Year Ago

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