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Tiger?s Eye Is Much Better Than You Think
Red tiger's eye is considered as the most honourable symbol of the sacred stone by India. Its dynamic energy just like tiger eye can make it easier for people to succeed in business, self-discipline, dissolve the pressure to achieve the goal and live a happy life. The flowing Tiger eye glitters wealth light. It has extremely strong vitality, and the eff...
tigers eye, tiger eye, eye jewelry, wholesale jewelry, eye, tigers, jewelry - Posted by aypearl - Posted 7 Years Ago

Best Collocation of Crystal Jewelry Mould Your Best Impression
Glittering and translucent crystal is not only beautiful, it also has the decorative function. Many women want to learn that what kind of dresses can collocate that charming crystal jewelry. There are some collocation techniques which will give you some ideas. Crystal jewelry is designed by the color. Even the same kind natural crystal has different colo...
crystal jewelry, black crystal, womens elegant, women full, crystal, jewelry, black - Posted by aypearl - Posted 7 Years Ago

Collecting the Previous Dynasties Red Coral Means a Lot
Coral, amber and pearls are called the three organic gemstones by westerners. In eastern countries, coral has also been included in Sapporo. In ancient China, the red coral is considered as auspicious and happiness, so it is also known as "red treasure". Coral jewelry has ushered its flowering period.China is one of the earliest countries to develo...
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Turquoise Jewelry-a New Fashion Symbol
When your eyes get tired, you may easily think of green trees or green grassland, or the clear blue sky. Definitely, those colors may reduce your tiredness, people love it. And turquoise jewelry, whose main color is green or blue, is a more popular choice for being as a fashion symbol nowadays.Hearing this, you may start to doubt, how could turquoise ...
turquoise jewelry, fashion symbol, turquoise necklace, whenwholesale turquoise, turquoise, jewelry, symbol - Posted by aypearl - Posted 7 Years Ago

The physiological and psychological functions of coral jewelry
As for most of us, we only know the ornamental value and decorative function of coral jewelry, and have little knowledge about the other functions of it. And now, let’s talk about two important functions of coral jewelry in physiology and psychology.The physiological function of coral jewelry is some sort of medicinal value. One function is that i...
coral jewelry, good choice, worshipping activities, womens physiological, jewelry, coral, function - Posted by aypearl - Posted 7 Years Ago

Shell Jewelry Is A Very Popular Part Of Decorations
As we all know, shell jewelry is a very important component of the wholesale jewelry. Because the shell is not only easy to obtain but also can be processed by designers’ ingenious idea, to demonstrate us lots of images: elegant, simple but nostalgia, pure and lovely, which can meet all the needs of various types of customers. Today, t...
shell jewelry, wholesale jewelry, vitality reveal, very suitable, shell, jewelry, beauty - Posted by aypearl - Posted 7 Years Ago

Crystal Jewelry-Better Express Your Inner World
As it’s known to all that there’s nothing perfect in the world, but people always wish there is. Therefore we put those beautiful wishes into some stuff. And of crystal jewelry is one of these items.When living in a certain life pattern for a long time, it’s easily for us to get tired of these surroundings; therefore we always nee...
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The mysterious amethyst jewelry
How do you think of crystal jewelry? Which part of it attract you most? For its glorious colors, hyaline pure or its mysterious power? As for most people, I think the mysterious power is the most attractive part. As referred to the mystery of crystal jewelry, the amethyst jewelry is absolutely the most mysterious and attractive crystal in the wholes...
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Pearl Jewelry-the One You Really Need
In our daily life, we always need something to make our life more colorful. Though different people hold different ideas for it, maybe some will choose fashion clothes, while others prefer some shining make-up, fashion pearl jewelry is something that most people will select.Fashion jewelry, this broad conception, is hard for anyone to give a specif...
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You Will Love Moonstone After You Know It
There is a family of feldspar in the gemstone. The outstanding representatives of gem is sun gems and the moon gems. Their names come from their shinning light. I’d like to say something about the moonstone which is a kind beautiful gemsotne jewelry. Moonstone has a special structure, so it can shine with light blue, like a quiet night in the moon...
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