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Introducing Children to the World of Consumer Robotics
Hobbies are enriched by enthusiasm. This is true of any hobby, but especially for something as technical as robotics. It takes a lot of creativity and mental bandwidth to learn all the material, figure out how to apply it, and then creating the robots to make theory into reality. Switching from a single motor controller to a dual motor controller m...
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Why do we use a DC Motor Controller
Any application that involves the brushed motors or brushless motors uses the DC motor controller. It is advisable and necessary for the sake of the applications. And if you are using a brushless motor then you have to use a certain controller that can fire the correct phase winding and that too at the right time. Well, many of us wonder as to why we use the...
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Encouraging Accessibility with Your Robotics Hobby
Dabbling in robotics can be an excellent source of fun. Most enthusiasts end up building themselves at least one “toy” of some kind, be it an RC car using a brushed DC motor controller, a quadcopter, a battle-bot, or something for the kids. Then, you have those who build interesting case studies. A robot that can track and follow. A robo...
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