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Batteroo Inc.

Batteroo Inc.
Batteroo offers a micro thin battery sleeve that extends the
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Best Resource to Extend Your Battery Life
The most effective and practical way to extend your battery’s life is to use a battery life extender. But what exactly is it? No—it will not recharge your battery. However, it will let you optimize battery usage by tapping into the energy left in your supposedly dead batteries, as well as extend the lives of new ones. Think of it as a nifty littl...
Posted by batteroo - Posted 2 Years Ago

Batteroo Boost Is a Game Changer for The Battery Industry
Over 15 billion batteries are consumed and disposed of in landfills around the world each year. Most consumers do not realize that only around 20 percent of a battery’s energy is being used by devices before it is considered ‘dead’. Hence, most batteries are thrown away, leading to more waste and the need to buy new ones more frequently. Ba...
Posted by batteroo - Posted 2 Years Ago

This New Revolutionary Device Can Help Revive Old Batteries
Do you find yourself spending a lot of money buying new batteries more frequently than you should? Most electronic devices and gadgets are use only about 20 percent of the power of disposable batteries. New batteries are rated to have 1.5 volts, which can drop below 1.35 or 1.4, and when that happens, devices will render them useless when the voltage drops, ...
Posted by batteroo - Posted 2 Years Ago

5 Possible Ways to Extend Battery Life
Do you use a lot of battery powered devices? Have you thought about where those used up batteries go when you discard them? It is important to know how to extend battery life because longer battery life will enable you not only to spend less, but also to help preserve the environment. The production, transportation, and disposal of batteries negatively affec...
Posted by batteroo - Posted 2 Years Ago

Know the whole process of battery recycling
Here’s an alarming fact: Up to 15 billion batteries are dumped in landfills every year—enough number of batteries to wrap around the earth 18 times. The damage that batteries do to the environment does not only start once you throw them out. In fact, the batteries would have already made a significant carbon footprint even before they reach landf...
Posted by batteroo - Posted 2 Years Ago

Benefits of Using a Battery Boost Sleeves
With the widespread use of electronic gadgets and devices, battery life has become a major concern for a lot of people—and understandably so. After all, gadgets are virtually useless when they run out of juice. Luckily, a number of solutions for extending uptimes for these power cells have been developed, one of which is the DC booster. It’s a gr...
Posted by batteroo - Posted 2 Years Ago

Best Way to Extend Your Alkaline Batteries' Life
When it comes to powering our electronic devices, alkaline cells are the way to go because of their high energy density (the amount of charge they can hold) and availability. They can readily be bought off the shelf from convenience stores, groceries, and service stations. But while they are certainly convenient to use, let’s face it—they run out...
Posted by batteroo - Posted 2 Years Ago

Bring Batteries Back to Life with Batteroo Boost Sleeve
Disposable batteries have many uses and are very convenient as they are readily available from most stores and service stations. They are handy to have around—that is, until they die out on you. But did you know that there are ways to make the most out of these mini power plants? Try the Batteroo Boost Sleeve, which is designed to make the most of your...
Posted by batteroo - Posted 2 Years Ago

A .50 Battery Sleeve Helps Extend Battery Life and Performance
Battery voltage boosters are not entirely new technology, but the latest innovations have improved their fit and efficiency. One example of this innovation is a battery sleeve that is designed to extend the performance and life span of disposable batteries. Unlike conventional battery boosters, this sleeve us thinner and available in many different sizes to ...
Posted by batteroo - Posted 2 Years Ago

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