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The graphic display device of the fire control room
When the main power supply is low voltage or power outage, maintain the monitoring equipment work Time \u0026 ge; 8h ● The monitor provides a DC24V power supply for the connected modules (voltage / current signal sensors).2.1. The monitoring equipment is connected to multiple sensors through RS485 bus to form a distributed fire equipment power monitori...
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The whole structure of the existing loose winder
Typical case of transforming traditional Reed Machines.000 ~ 12. 1600 commutations per minute; traverse servo motor with automatic zero change function without external zero sensor; built-in control functions of winding, overfeed and tension compensation three motors, which can be used with inverter, DC brushless motor driver and stepper motor driver ...
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The first is a phase of a reactor string in a three-phase circuit
In the design of A186E, A186F, FA201 card, the control link of star-delta conversion of the motor is added, thereby further improving the slope of the speed increase and knitting machine suppliers decrease. The mechanism is simplified and the performance is improved. It has good process adaptability and reduces head breaks. Makes the spun roll shape good. As...
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There can be problems with the updates to these computers
They can be hard to contact and take their time to get replacements to you as well as expect you to mail the computer to them so that they can do the repairs. Defective parts Although this is another one that has gotten better as the competition has gotten stronger, there is a chance of defects in cheaper products. They can be great, but not always, carefu...
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The movement of each mechanism is controlled according to the production
The tapered gear shifting device and forming device are removed, which simplifies the mechanism. Human-machine dialogue through digital display instrument and touch screen. In addition, knitting machines, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber machinery, and printing and dyeing machinery also use AC frequency converters in large quantities.In order to increase ...
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