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 Caribbean Casas

Caribbean Casas

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Following Hemingway?s Footsteps
Visitors to Cuba may notice that there is a lot of talk about Ernest Hemingway. That's because this world-famous writer made the country his home for 22 years, and for that reason has become quite a Cuban idol! With a passion for love and adventure, Hemingway certainly left his mark on the world, having lived through 2 world wars, a civil war, 4 marri...
writer made, world famous, his home, famous writer, hemingway, cuba, world - Posted by caribbeancasas - Posted 2 Years Ago

Punta Cana Water Sports
Many people go to Punta Cana to relax on the fine golden sands with a cocktail in hand. Others, however, go for the thrill of the many water sports on offer down the coastline. If you have a Dominican Republic vacation rental on the Puna Cana coast, then you are in the right place for some action packed adventure.SnorkelingNot the most thrilling of s...
punta cana, water sports, dominican republic, vacation rental, surfing, cana, sports - Posted by caribbeancasas - Posted 2 Years Ago

Museums of Trinidad
A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988, Trinidad is well worth a day trip from your villa in Cuba. It will seem as though you have stepped in to a treasure trove of history and architectural wonders. Nowhere else on the island is the Cuban culture as evident as it is here, with locals chatting and socialising on the cobblestones against a backdrop of bright...
world heritage, unesco world, site since, since 1988, museum, trinidad, city - Posted by caribbeancasas - Posted 2 Years Ago

The Many Museums of Zona Colonial
The city of Santo Domingo is home to many museums, especially in the Zona Colonial district, where it seems as though they can be found around every corner. There are plenty of villas in the Dominican Republic that are located close enough to the museums so that you won’t have to view them all in one day. For those that are interested in history, there...
zona colonial, santo domingo, museo de, dominican republic, museums, museum, museo - Posted by caribbeancasas - Posted 2 Years Ago

Getting around the Dominican Republic
There is so much to see in the Dominican Republic, sometimes staying in one place is not always the best option. Some people chose to hire multiple villas in the Dominican Republic and take an epic road trip! Buses There are various forms of public transport on offer around the country, as well as relatively cheap and spacious taxis. If you are travellin...
dominican republic, best option, sometimes staying, picked up, republic, option, dominican - Posted by caribbeancasas - Posted 2 Years Ago

Cuban Cooking Classes
Cuban food is varied, fresh and plentiful, full of strong flavours and natural produce. Although there are a huge range of restaurants and bars from which you could sample some Cuban delicacies around the country, there is nothing better than being able to cook it yourself in the comfort of your accommodation in Cuba.In many of the main cities and towns yo...
cuban dishes, cuban style, cooking class, chicken stew, cuban, dishes, cooking - Posted by caribbeancasas - Posted 2 Years Ago

Cuban desserts
In a country where sugar cane is in high supply, it is no wonder Cuba has some of the sweetest and tastiest desserts in the world. Cubans pride themselves in creating dishes that are creamy and subtly spiced, providing the perfect complement to country’s vibrant main dishes. Spanish influence is often found running through Cuba cuisine, and desserts ar...
cuban desserts, wonder cuba, where sugar, tastiest desserts, desserts, cuban, cuba - Posted by caribbeancasas - Posted 2 Years Ago

The Multicultural Styles of El Capitolio
If you’re taking a holiday in Cuba for the first time, one of the main attractions that the guidebooks will tell you not to miss out on is El Capitolio; the National Capitol Building. Why? Well, not only is it easy to reach from your Havana vacation rental thanks to its central location along Paseo del Prado, but it’s also bursting with history h...
el capitolio, american influences, national capitol, multicultural styles, cuba, influences, building - Posted by caribbeancasas - Posted 3 Years Ago

Tips and tricks for surviving an Ibiza clubbing holiday
Many people book am Ibiza vacation renal on the white isle for one reason only, to experience the world famous nightlife. The main tourist season runs from the beginning of May, all the way to the end of October, where you can expect the majority of clubs, bars and restaurants to be open, as well as some spectacular weather.The season really kicks off with...
world famous, white isle, vacation renal, san antonio, ibiza, nightlife, clubs - Posted by caribbeancasas - Posted 2 Years Ago

The beaches of the Punta Cana region
Located on the easternmost part of the island, the Punta Cana region is most well-known for its 35 miles of palm studded beaches. This, combined with warm weathers, is the reason that thousands of tourists flood to the area year after year, staying either in the numerous hotels or a villa with a pool in the Dominican Republic. The beaches here are arguably s...
cana region, punta cana, dominican republic, studded beaches, beach, cana, region - Posted by caribbeancasas - Posted 2 Years Ago

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