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Chokhahaar is traditional silver jewelry store
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Amp up Your Everyday Office Look with Handmade Silver Bracelets
A woman is blessed with a special charm to win plenty of hearts with her appearance. No matter where she goes, whether it is a casual outing with friends or the most coveted nuptial ceremony of a friend, she loves to dress up to the nines and grabs eyeballs.  To look extra gorgeous and accentuate the beauty of her outfit, she never forgets to ado...
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4 Types of Silver Pendants That Are Definitely Here to Stay
Your love for silver jewelry must have encouraged you to click on this blog. Even if you have a phenomenal collection of silver accessories, your jewelry box is incomplete without these splendid silver pendants that will refine the look of your outfit the moment you adorn them.If you are thinking whether or not it is worth your investment, then let us tell...
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4 Pair of Silver Earrings That Will Never Go Out of Style
They say nothing is constant in this world but change. True that. However, there is something that will continue to rule the hearts of women. Its beauty is timeless; it is appealing to eyes and personifies womanhood in the most unique way. Any guesses? Yes, you got it right. Silver Jewelry has always been and will always be the one resting on top of the fash...
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Read This Before You Buy Silver Ornaments Online
No power in the world can make a woman hate jewelry. She loves it, she adores it, and she just cannot do without it. Well, we highly appreciate your immense love for traditional silver jewelry, but don’t you think it’s time to know a little more about this artistic piece that has everlasting glory since time immemorial? Our history has proved tim...
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How to Know If you’re buying a Pure Silver Necklace to Style Your Personality?
 In India, silver is considered an essential metal that has always been believed to be the harbinger of prosperity and wealth. Visit a palatial palace museum anywhere in the land of kings- Rajasthan, and you will be enchanted with the eternal glory of silver accessories used by royals back in those days. The excessive use of silver in the form of tablew...
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