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Published 7 Years Ago
Why Should You Get A Bespoke Suit For Your Wedding?
When it comes to choosing our wedding attire, we all want the best. There are many off the shelf suits available to suit all personality types, but there is nothing like a bespoke suit that offers-the perfect fit. If you are looking to buy a suit for your

Published 8 Years Ago
How To Mix Patterns When Dressing Up For An Occasion
When it comes to dressing up for an occasion, mixing the right patterns is the key to looking good. Pattern mixing is an ‘art’ that is rarely executed well, leading to fashion disasters. In this guide by Collars & Cuffs-the leading bespoke

Published 8 Years Ago
How To Increase The Life Of Your Bespoke Suits?
There is no better feeling than wearing a perfectly fitted bespoke suit. Bespoke suits last longer than the ready to wear suits, they tend to be better quality and allow for lots of customizations for things such as suit lining, button, number of pockets,

Published 8 Years Ago
Style Tips For Men To Look Stylish In Summer
When summer arrives, it is hard to keep yourself looking composed after a foray into the blistering heat and humidity. But that absolutely doesn’t mean you have to look unstylish. Here are some style tips for men who want to look fresh and

Published 8 Years Ago
All You Need To Know About Suit Fabrics
When ordering a custom suit, a man is confronted with a daunting selection of fabrics. Getting yourself equipped with useful information about fabrics, can help you choose the best fabric for your suit. This article by Collars & Cuffs-the best

Published 9 Years Ago
How To Get The Right Custom Suit For Your Business Event
Dressing well for meetings and other corporate events is very important. The way you dress is an outward sign of your attitude, temperament and personality; hence, it is important to dress well to appear smart and refined. When it comes to corporate