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  • Car Hire Heraklion Airport - Cretarent - If you want to hire a car from Heraklion Airport to different places in Heraklion and vice-versa then Cretarent can be your first choice. You don’t have to wait, they will have your car ready right outside the airport, at the arrival Hall of hotel and the
  • Cretarent - Do you want to Rent a car in Crete? Then Cretarent is the best choice to travel around the beautiful places of Chania, Heraklion, and Rethymnon! They are one of the best car rental service providers in Crete Island, Greece.
  • Cretarent - Rent a Car in Chania - Experience the true adventure of nature by rent a car in Chania with Cretarent. They provide car rental services in Chania and in the other regions of Crete.
  • Cretarent – Car Rental Services in Crete - CRETARENT is a reputable Crete car hire company with 40 years’ experience. They provide car rental in Crete to explore this beautiful Island.
  • Heraklion airport car rental - Cretarent - Give a smooth start to your Crete journey with the car rental service offered by Cretarent. They offer exemplary car rental services from Heraklion airport. Contact Cretarent today!
  • Hire a Car in Crete by Cretarent - If you are looking to hire a car in Crete, then contact Cretarent. They are the leading car rental service providers in Crete. They have a large fleet of cars which they provide for rent at affordable prices.


Hire a car in Heraklion with no extra charge
Now you can hire a car in Heraklion with no extra charges. The cost of hiring includes all other charges and you would not be required to pay extra on your arrival or your departure. There is no limit to the mileage and Cretarent will not add to the charges when you have finally hired the car. Crete’s capital is Heraklion and it is more often than not ...
Posted by Cretarent - Posted 7 Years Ago

Get the Best Car Rental Service in Crete for Vacation
When planning a happening vacay to Crete with friends or family members, a lot of things need to be kept in mind and all boxes crossed. After booking airline tickets and hotel accommodation, the next task should be to choose the best car rental in Creteso that you can enjoy exploring the place. You can enjoy a lot of benefits of going for car hire in Crete....
Posted by Cretarent - Posted 8 Months Ago

Looking for a cheap car rental in Crete?
Crete has emerged as one of the top tourist destination in the world. This beautiful island has a lot to offer to visitors ranging from breathtaking natural scenic beauty to rich history. However, before considering a visit to this island for the next vacations, every visitor must consider their means of conveyance for moving around in the island and visit a...
Posted by Cretarent - Posted 7 Years Ago

Rent A Car In Advance And Get Great Discounts
Timing the visit perfectly to any of the top tourist destinations can help save a considerable amount of money. Most of the tourist destinations have what they call the peak tourist season when the weather is at its best for the visitors, which is a time when the place receives the highest number of travellers. It is no different from the island of Crete, wh...
Posted by Cretarent - Posted 7 Years Ago

Rent A Car In Crete And Pay Cash On Delivery
Crete the largest breathtakingly stunning island in Greece is taken to be a natural bridge ideally connecting the 3 continents of Europe, Africa and Asia. It is one amongst the unparalleled places around the globe for touristic pleasures and joy that enlivens with geographical and cultural riches. The island is handily set a hundred seventy five kilometers f...
Posted by Cretarent - Posted 7 Years Ago

Why Is Better To Hire A Car From Heraklion Town
The island of Crete draws a large number of tourists from around the world every year. Most of these tourists come to its shores to enjoy the sunny weather and sandy beaches during the summer. However, before coming to the island a large number of such tourists face the common dilemma about the spot they need to choose as the base and the rallying point duri...
Posted by Cretarent - Posted 7 Years Ago

Online Car Rental Chania Services
Chania is one among the most beautiful islands in Greece that attracts many tourists from every corner of the world all throughout a year. Most of the people who have already visited the island feel that it is one of the best tourist spots in the world, and they recommend it to their family and friends for a cosy vacation under the warm Greek Sun. It is well...
Posted by Cretarent - Posted 6 Years Ago

Heraklion Airport Car Rental - Convenient, Fast And Easy
Travelling to new place is exiting, but travelling might be stressful if you are not going with a luxury car. Enjoy your holidays with your family in the best car rental services. As your free time is quite precious, you must drive through the best driving roads, staying at the luxurious hotels with a convenient parking facility. You can avail variety of car...
Posted by Cretarent - Posted 5 Years Ago

Car Hire in Crete ? Important Things to Look for
Crete is one those must-do destinations on everyone’s bucket list. The beautiful island – the largest and the most populous of the Greek islands – is known for its diversified natural landscape, stunning beaches, ancient civilizations and the warm and friendly people. Being an island, the most natural way to travel from place to plac...
Posted by cretarent - Posted 3 Years Ago

Benefits of Using Airport Car Rental Services in Heraklion
Crete is a beautiful and picturesque island that gives travelers the full experience of a Mediterranean holiday combined with the historical and cultural marvels of Greece. While it is a relatively small island, Crete does have a huge network of motor able roads that connect the major cities to quaint little towns and charming fishing villages. Unlike many l...
Posted by cretarent - Posted 4 Years Ago

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