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Conquering the Moon Again - India Chandrayaan 2 Mission
After the massive success of India’s first lunar mission Chandrayaan-1 launched in October 2008, the country is gearing up for its second lunar adventure Chandrayaan-2. Scientists at Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) are planning to launch this lunar orbiter during the window period of July 09, 2019 to July 16, 2019, for benefits of spac...
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How Does An Ever-Increasing Population Challenge The Existing Transport System
A population boom could be a blessing in disguise for a nation’s fortunes. After all, your workforce increases, your GDP receives a massive boost and economic growth ensues. However, if that population boom continues for longer than it should, then it may start to cause a few problems.These problems often make their worst impact on the existing inf...
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India Slowly Pedalling its Way to a Cycling Culture
 As the ‘greenatic’ ideology becomes more of a norm in modern India, one lifestyle-changing aspect that is making its way back into the Indian culture is cycling. There is more to cycling than what meets the eye. While it is true that cycling has the power to transform your waistline and prove to be extremely effective with your weight-l...
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How To Achieve Efficient And Climate-Friendly Urban Transport Systems?
Urban transport has increased risks associated with pollution and environmental damage. With the number of vehicles increasing every year, there is an immediate need to check the emission levels that can lead to a cleaner environment. Keeping this growing concern in mind, many governments across the world have introduced clean air missions to curb pollutio...
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5 Things You Must Do In Jaisalmer ? The Golden City
 The golden city of Jaisalmer is known to be the most visited place in Western Rajasthan due to its innumerable tourist attractions. There are a lot of places that together contribute to the reputation and eminence of this city and five of them are mentioned below.If you are in Jaisalmer, you cannot miss visiting these places and the nearby h...
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Water Wise - Substances Causing Pollution In Rivers
 Yamuna Action Plan and Namami Gange Programme are among the most prominent river rejuvenation projects undertaken by the Government of India. But despite their effective implementation, their success can’t be banked upon because the numerous schemes under them are matched by numerous causes of water pollution.From individual to industrial...
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Most Polluted River In India - Yamuna River
 The Yamuna is one of the most prominent rivers in India and also the most polluted. It is the fourth longest river, stretching to a length of 1367 KM. In India, rivers hold a great significance as they are the epicentre of religious rituals and considered sacred. Rivers like Ganga and Yamuna are visited by millions of tourists every year. Despite...
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Berlin?s Graffiti Has a Story to Tell.
 Germany’s art scene has always been in the limelight and Berlin, in particular, has been singlehandedly instrumental in keeping it right up there with the likes of New York, Paris, and London. Berlin has always had a colourful and long association with graffiti.The graffiti movement kick-started in the 70’s with its politically engage...
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10 Reasons We know Germans Love Beer and Sausages.
Stereotypes exist about every country in the world and although people tend to shy away from generalizations, the Germany stereotype, "Germany is a country of good beer and great sausages," probably fits and sounds just about right. German culture is chock-full of traditions surrounding food and beer and it’s for good reason; the sheer variety and av...
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5 Super Helpful Tips You Can Use While Holidaying in Germany!
It can be exciting to spend a holiday in Germany. However, the country has its own cultural peculiarities and traditions that the Germans expect visitors to follow. Here are some helpful tips that you should be aware of while holidaying in Germany.Have Cash Handy as You Will Need ItIf you are used to using your credit card to make purchases, set it asi...
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