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Dr. Hassan Elhais

Dr. Hassan Elhais
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Published 4 Hours Ago
Learn more about Theft in the UAE
The UAE Penal Code defines theft as taking of property belonging to a person other than the criminal and it shall be subject to the provisions of the UAE Penal Code.

Published 4 Hours Ago
What are the Jail terms and Penalties for Abortion Cases in the UAE?
Under the UAE laws, abortion is broadly regulated under two laws. These are the Federal Decree Law 31 of 2021 On the Issuance of Crimes and Penalties Law

Published 4 Hours Ago
All You Need to Know on Child Protection Law in the UAE
The child protection law in the United Arab Emirates is the Federal Law No 3 of 2016, also called the Wadeema’s Law.

Published 13 Days Ago
Choosing the Right Mediator in Contractual Disputes
An emerging branch of the legal profession, Alternate Dispute Resolution has witnessed significant progress over the past few years. It is being used in almost all kinds of disputes...

Published 13 Days Ago
How are Cases Brought into the Juvenile Justice System?
In this connection, the UAE issued the Federal Law No. 9 of 1976 Concerning Juvenile Delinquents and Vagrants (Juvenile Law).

Published 21 Days Ago
How do you close or do a transaction in a deceased family members bank account without a will or probate?
Once an individual resident in the UAE passes away without a will, the laws of the UAE would be applicable on the distribution of the deceased’s assets, including his bank accounts.

Published 21 Days Ago
How Does the Extradition Process Work for Criminal Matters?
Extradition in common language is understood as the process under which one country, on the request of another country, returns a requested person, to the requested country...

Published 27 Days Ago
What are the updates of traffic fines in the UAE?
If you are driving a car in the UAE, you must abide by the traffic rules at all times.

Published 27 Days Ago
What is Joint Custody of Children after Divorce in the UAE Law?
The personal status matters in the UAE are regulated by the Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 (UAE Personal Status Law)

Published 1 Month Ago
Explained: Restraining Orders and Jail Terms of Domestic Violence in the UAE
The issue of domestic violence is universal, and the UAE has taken bold steps to combat this issue.

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