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LOS ANGELES (April 1, 2017) – The sequel to the powerful basketball drama, ‘Slamma Jamma’ is in the works.In the original film, which opened in theaters nationwide, five-time slam dunk champion, Chris Staples, plays a man coming out of prison to win the national slam dunk championship.The sequel will focus on Porter Maberry’s incr...
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slamma jamma
Stephen A. Smith, the perennial sportscaster from ESPN endorsed ‘SlammaJamma’calling the phenomenal faith-based basketball movie, ‘SlammaJamma’ a ‘must see’“’SlammaJamma’ will bring you to tears,” says Smith, “lift you up, and make you laugh out loud.”Smith endorsed the film over his r...
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slamma jamma movie
Porter Maberry and Chris Staples will appear on Fox News tomorrow discussing the phenomenal faith-based basketball movie, ‘Slamma Jamma’ that’s currently in theaters nationwide.The film opened this last weekend to great audience reviews including a 92% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes on over 1,000 votes submitted.Five-time slam ...
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Bitdefender Discount Coupon ? A Smart Offer for Smart Users
Have you recently installed Windows in your PC because some virus had attacked it? This can be a devastating experience and a big waste of time especially when you were not prepared for it. And who is prepared for a virus attack out of nowhere when he already has an antivirus in his computer? There is only one explanation that makes sense and that is that yo...
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About the EPOS systems digital menu board online ordering
eatPOS have a dedicated team of developers and support staff to ensure that your EPOS system runs as smoothly as possible. With over 65 years of combined experience within the hospitality and web and software development industries, our refined solutions will allow your staff to use the system with ease and efficiency.Our management team have run hotels, res...
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Verbinden, bevor das Symbol f?llt
Eine Ikone für meine Stadt ist in der letzten Woche gefallen, eine Espe von irgendwo über 100 Jahren! Dieser Espenbaum befand sich an der Ecke des Grundstücks von La Pine Realty auf der HWY 97, so dass er für diese kleine Stadt sichtbar ist. Es tut meinem Herzen weh, dass er vom wehenden Wind der letzten Woche getroffen wurde.Es schei...
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Medical Factoring
Healthcare providers, with the endorsement of their financial advisors, have found that by using our solutions, their medical receivables can be a productive asset rather than a cash flow obstacle to growth and profitability.A commitment to satisfaction and the resources and expertise to support the growth of healthcare providers has made Medical Funding Spe...
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V L Martin most effective method to Choose Shippi
As a mindful entrepreneur, you pick your transportation transporter with a great deal of concern and care. You have to transport merchandise to the end clients and you need to keep up your great notoriety by conveying the products on time and fit as a fiddle. You think about how to pick the best transporting transporter that costs you inside your financial p...
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How to Plant a Dollar Tree for Salvador Mourra and Watch Your Money Grow
You start out by finding a a spot on the ground where to dirt is loose and rich in minerals.  If the ground is too hard then it will not take.  If you dig up worms then thats better because it indicates the ground is fertile.  You dig a 9 inch deep hole that is approximately 9 inches wide.  After you are done digging you break up the grou...
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3 things to consider when planning a landscape design
It is easy to go out and try to buy plants that look beautiful in the garden shop, just to get them home and realize that they are bad for your landscape. These tips will help you develop a plan and put you on the path to creating a beautiful, consistent and thriving landscape design.1.   Get to know your backyardThink about your regional climate, topog...
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