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CNC Wood Lathe for Baseball Bats Making
CNC Wood Lathe with Auto Feeding Function for Making Baseball BatsAdvantage of EagleTec Automatic Wood Lathes• Whole lathe base is casted in one piece from iron, and this structure is obviously superior to the welded one on performance of rigidity and reliablity.• Auto feeding mechanism with air actuated clamping system improves the wood-turn...
Posted by eaglecnctec - Posted 3 Months Ago

CNC Router Spindle 3.0kw Model GDZ-100-3.0 100MM 380V 24000RPM 12A 400Hz
CNC Router Spindle GDZ-100-3.0 for SaleAll cnc router parts, one-stop shoppingFrom Technical Parameter of CNC Router SpindleModel. GDZ-100-3.0Voltage | 380VPower | 3.0KWRPM | 24,000Currency | 12AFrequency | 400HzSpindle Diameter | 100mmCollet Size | ER20Cooli...
Posted by eaglecnctec - Posted 1 Year Ago

Air Cooled Spindle DIY CNC Spindle Kit For Sale
Air Cooled Spindle DIY CNC Spindle KitFrom www.eaglecnctec.comJinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd.Air cooled spindle is widely used on basic cnc router and nesting cnc router machines. Air cooled means the spindle motor is cooled by air via an electric fan which is mounted on top end of the spindle. Unlike water cooled spindle, the air spindle no needs ...
Posted by eaglecnctec - Posted 2 Years Ago

China Linear Auto Tool Changer CNC Router Machining Center
China Linear Auto Tool Changer CNC Router Machining CenterFrom www.eaglecnctec.comJinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd. Auto tool changer CNC router is the perfect solution for the jobs which have to be finished by multi types of router bits. It is widely used in production of panel furniture. ApplicationMaterial: Solid wood, MDF, plast...
Posted by eaglecnctec - Posted 2 Years Ago

Cnc Wood Lathe Kit For Baluster Making
Cnc Wood Lathe Kit For Baluster Makingfrom www.eaglecnctec.comJinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd. CNC Wood Lathe Kit Applicable IndustryIt is applied to produce wooden stair balustrade, handrail, stair railing, newel post, roman pillars, bed rails, column and more. FeaturesThere are two versions on configuration of this automated ...
Posted by eaglecnctec - Posted 1 Year Ago

Carbide Cutters For Woodturning
Carbide Cutters For Woodturningfrom www.eaglecnctec.comJinan EagleTec CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd.This is carbide cutters for woodturning cnc lathe. The excellent carbide (tungsten) is chosen as the raw material of blade, because its durability is more than 20 times that of the white steel, and also more than 10 times of the high speed steel. The cutters is ...
Posted by eaglecnctec - Posted 1 Year Ago

Spindle Bearing Replacement for original Italy HSD AT/MT1090-100 4.5KW 1090-140
Spindle bearing original GMN brand for original Italy HSD SpindleFrom www.eaglecnctec.comAll cnc router spare replacement, one-stop shopping This product is spindle bearing for origin Italy HSD spindle model AT/MT 1090-100 4.5KW, AT/MT 1090-140 6.0KW and AT/MT 1073-120 3.0KW. The spindle bearing replacement EagleTec provides are origin ...
Posted by eaglecnctec - Posted 1 Year Ago

HSD Spindle 3.0kw AT/MT 1073-120 4.5kw AT/MT 1090-100 6.0kw AT/MT 1090-140 for S
HSD Spindle original from Italy for SaleFrom www.eaglecnctec.comAll cnc machine parts, one-stop shopping EagleTec provides Italy origin HSD spindle models includes:Manual tool change typeAT/MT 1073-060 1.5KW 18000rpm ER25, AT/MT 1073-120 3.0KW 18000rpm ER25, AT/MT 1090-100 4.5KW 18000rpm ER32, AT/MT 1090-140 6.0KW 18000rpm ER32, AT/MT 1090-1...
Posted by eaglecnctec - Posted 1 Year Ago

Electrospindle Liquid Cooling 3.0kw GDZ-100-3 24000RPM 5.5kw GDZ-125-5.5 18000RP
EagleTec Electrospindle for SaleFrom www.eaglecnctec.comAll cnc parts one stop shopping This product for sale is electrospindle for cnc router. Model number is GDZ-100-3, power is 3.0kw, spindle diameter is 100mm, maximum speed is 24,000rpm. Cooling way is water or liquid. Water cooling is prior to air cooled spindles on cooling performance.&n...
Posted by eaglecnctec - Posted 1 Year Ago

High Speed Spindle Water Cooled 5.5kw 380v 24000rpm For Stone Working Specially
High speed spindle 5.5kw 24000rpm for stone workingEagleTec is one-stop shopping cnc router parts supplierFrom What difference does this water cooled high speed spindle have when compared with ordinary woodworking router spindle motors? To answer this question, let's take a look at the difference between stone proces...
Posted by eaglecnctec - Posted 1 Year Ago

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