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Transforming Denials To Dollars!
Maintaining a healthy revenue cycle is one of the greatest challenges that Healthcare Providers and medical billing specialists face in the current scenario. The reason for revenue losses and untimely reimbursements is mainly claim denials. Although medical billing specialists show extreme care in performing medical billing and coding functions, errors do oc...
medical billing, e care, billing specialists, claim denials, medical, billing, denials - Posted by Ecareindia - Posted 6 Years Ago

Nuances In Home Health Billing
Today many senior citizens in the U.S. prefer to stay at home instead of living in an assisted living or retirement facility. Earlier, these senior citizens were ready to give up their homes and pets to move into a retirement facility. Now, with the availability and assistance of home healthcare professionals, many opt to remain at home. This has created a n...
medical billing, home healthcare, medical claims, outsourced medical, medical, home, episode - Posted by ecareindia - Posted 4 Years Ago

Eligibility Verification ? Impact on Denials
The increased rejection of claims has forced many Healthcare Providers and medical billing companies to perform audits before sending their claims for billing. Invalid CPT or ICD Codes, wrong patient demographics, and missing EOBs are some of the several factors, which influence claim denials. Though almost all of these factors are taken into consideration d...
eligibility verification, insurance eligibility, healthcare billing, e care, services, insurance, healthcare - Posted by Ecareindia - Posted 6 Years Ago

Frazzled with Month End Close?
Medical billing companies have been equally impacted, though indirectly, as that of Healthcare Facilities with the introduction of new reforms and laws, lately. The effort of fulfilling the client’s needs has doubled due to the ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010 implementation. Medical billing companies face yet another difficulty every month in addition to all the...
medical billing, month end, billing companies, offshore medical, month, medical, end - Posted by Ecareindia - Posted 6 Years Ago

Vendor Management
In recent times, running a medical billing company has become a tough row to hoe, especially with the evolving new changes in the healthcare domain. Outsourcing a part of the medical billing and coding services has become indispensable for medical billing companies as they cannot burden themselves with too much of work of day-to-day Operations. Offshore medi...
medical billing, offshore medical, billing company, billing companies, offshore, medical, billing - Posted by Ecareindia - Posted 6 Years Ago

Extended Business Office for Revenue Cycle Management Services
In this fast-paced world, several business organizations compete with one another - not just make profits and grow - but to earn the goodwill and trust of their clients as well. In that list, US based medical billing companies are no exception! The demands and deadlines set by the clients are high and so are their expectations. Working in a normal and steady...
medical billing, us based, billing company, business office, medical, company, billing - Posted by Ecareindia - Posted 6 Years Ago

An Offshore Medical Billing Partner Can Complement Your Billing Services
Outsourcing medical billing has become more prevalent these days in the US healthcare space. Evidently, we see many competitive medical claims processing companies being managed successfully in the US. Most of them provide Healthcare Facilities and Providers with exceptional medical billing services without compromising on the security factors. Medical claim...
offshore medical, medical billing, billing companies, medical claims, us, security, offshore - Posted by Ecareindia - Posted 5 Years Ago

Inflated AR
Both Providers and medical billing companies are going through fire and water each day to sustain their place in the healthcare domain. Though they try to sort out several problems and find solutions independently, certain issues still stand out and pose a great challenge. An inflated AR is one among them. Let’s take a look at the causes and the conseq...
medical billing, billing companies, inflated ar, medical claims, medical, companies, billing - Posted by Ecareindia - Posted 6 Years Ago

Modifiers ? Importance
The importance of modifiers in Coding is that they play a vital role in medical claims processing. Therefore, Healthcare Facilities and Providers must show extra care while using modifiers in the medical billing and coding process. If they fail, then there could be serious repercussions concerning reimbursement. In general, what are modifiers and why are the...
medical billing, e care, medical coding, coding process, modifiers, medical, coding - Posted by Ecareindia - Posted 6 Years Ago

EDI Set-up ? Save Time and Money!
Working effectively and efficiently is crucial when it comes to performing medical billing functions. Several factors help in the enhancement of medical billing functions of a provider to save money and time. Among them, EDI set-up plays a key role in promoting faster medical claims processing and quicker reimbursements. Though EDI (Electronic Data Interchan...
medical billing, clearing house, medical claims, e care, up, medical, edi - Posted by ecareindia - Posted 5 Years Ago

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