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How to convert Canon FS and Panasonic MOD video to Mac iMovie
Do you like Canon fs series camcorder? How about Canon FS300?The Canon FS300 Flash Memory camcorder is among the most affordable ways to get stunning video in a light, compact and very user-friendly package. As employed in advanced electronic products such as laptop computers, MP3 players, PDAs and cell phones, flash memory has numerous benefits. The FS300...
canon fs, canon fs300, panasonic mod, mod files, sdr, mod, mac - Posted by eimaliyu - Posted 8 Years Ago

Convert Panasonic HDC-HS900 mts file to imovie/final cut pro x/WMM for editing
When you have a travel, you will find that there is one thing most of people will take, what? Camcorder! Camcorder is really a good tool to help you record the beautiful scenery and share them with your friends or the people who also want to travel there. So what camcorder do you have? What do you think about Panasonic HDC-HS900 camcorder? The HS900...
panasonic hdc, hdc hs900, mts file, final cut, panasonic, hs900, hdc - Posted by eimaliyu - Posted 8 Years Ago

The way to convert pvr video to mp4/mkv to play on PC and Mac
Have you ever wanted to play .pvr file recorded by your humax set-top box with Media Player Classic or other video player on your PC, and find that the video format is not supported by them? Just like the buddy bellow:"I've got a cheap STB/PVR that records DTV (mpeg2 transport stream). The files it creates have the file extension ".pvr" which by default is...
pvr file, output format, media player, convert pvr, video, pvr, file - Posted by eimaliyu - Posted 8 Years Ago

Convert mod and mov file into Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing software application. It is a powerful editing tool, capable of producing broadcast-quality and high-definition video. It is a very popular package amongst video enthusiasts and professionals. With Premiere Pro you can edit your video like import video, audio and graphics in a wide variety of formats, edit...
premiere pro, mod file, adobe premiere, video formats, video, pro, premiere - Posted by eimaliyu - Posted 8 Years Ago

Burn Fujifilm Finepix s2950 record video to DVD
What's the first impression about Fujifilm FinePix S2950? The Fujifilm FinePix S2950 is the most affordable of Fuji's S-series cameras with an 18x Fujinon optical zoom lens, 14 megapixel sensor and 3.0in LCD screen. The lens is a 35mm equivalent of 28mm – 504mm and operated using an electric powered zoom lever, which can even be operated during video r...
fujifilm finepix, finepix s2950, zoom lens, wide angle, s2950, fujifilm, finepix - Posted by eimaliyu - Posted 8 Years Ago

What is MXF file and how to convert mxf file to mov for editing
What is MXF file?MXF is short for Material Exchange Format, it is one of the highly-compressed file format, Files in this format are a type of media file (either audio or video, depending on the specifics of a file) designed to be played on a computer. MXF file is designed to streamline workflows between different platforms, such as cameras, digital editin...
mxf file, mxf files, final cut, file format, video, mxf, file - Posted by eimaliyu - Posted 8 Years Ago

Canon Legria HG10 AVCHD Camcorder and solution for canon legria to mac
Canon Camcorder is one of your choices to consider when you want to buy a camcorder? Canon legria avchd Camcorder like Canon HG10 HDD Camcorder is Canon's first hard disk camcorder, and it's a high definition model too. It is the camcorder combines a 40GB internal memory, 1920 x 1080 Full HD CMOS sensor, and DIGIC DV II technology. The 40GB HDD allows for up...
canon legria, digic dv, x 1080, m2ts file, video, canon, camcorder - Posted by eimaliyu - Posted 8 Years Ago

Edit your video and encode video to FLV SWF for website and blog
Want to join several video clips to on video? Try to delete the unwanted segment? Hope to add some effect to your video? Expect to rotate the video with easy? If yes, Doremisoft Mac Video Editor is a good software to do all the things you want.Doremisoft Video Editor for mac can edit all popular common video formats like WMV, MOV, AVI, Divx, Avix...
generate swf, generate flv, flv swf, flv file, video, swf, generate - Posted by eimaliyu - Posted 8 Years Ago

How to burn a dvd from imovie with DVD maker mac
Why we want to burn video to dvd? What the benefits of DVD?1. On DVD, videos are organized into chapters, this will make it wasy for you to jump to your favourit scenes directly using the button of "skip chapter" on the dvd plyer,Using DVD you can enter the chapter number, or use the DVD-Video disc's menu feature.2. The truth is videotapes deteriorate ov...
dvd video, dvd maker, mac dvd, high quality, video, dvd, imovie - Posted by eimaliyu - Posted 8 Years Ago

Why should we convert avchd to mkv file with video to video Converter on mac
A .mkv file is a Matroska video/audio multimedia file. it is a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture, or subtitle tracks in one file. The purpose of the mkv file is to specifically hold videos with subtitles and audio. The mkv file compresses large amounts of data in the form of movies and other media therefore it is able to ...
mkv file, video converter, container formats, subtitles formats, video, mkv, file - Posted by eimaliyu - Posted 8 Years Ago

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