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Everyresearcher may find it difficult to do a research without a format to befollowed. A format is something to be considered as a blue print to guide anaction and pursue with its courses. A sample of this format is shown belown.  RESEARCH  FORMATPrimary Title Page Secondary Title Page Approval Sheet  ...
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Brain Fever
An increase in your bodytemperature above normal level warns you to seek for a health care professionalto examine you. You might have an infection. An infection that reaches yourbrain is a possibility. This inflammatory disease involved parts of the nervoussystem resulting into an abnormal function of the brain and the spinal cord.  ...
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FLU: Critical or Not
FLU: Critical or Not           When somebody coughs or sneezesin the public, other people may cover their nose and mouth due to theperception that they may catch colds. The microorganisms or viruses that travelthrough the saliva can transfer to other person by inhalation or by contac...
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DIABETESDo you stillhave pedal pulses to palpate? Worse! Do you still have legs?                 Somepeople whose legs are amputated that I met in the hospital are diabetic individuals.It started when the sugar level in the blood increases higher than normal. Thefo...
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RENAL FAILUREA shocking reality is about to beread by someone. It is you!With the advent of today?s lifestylehabits, could our kidney still tolerate the burdens? The heavy-fatty foods,staggering salts in viands, the surprising sodium in seasonings and othertoxics in instant foods, they are all ?zombies? to the kidneys. They ?eat theirbrains...
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Most Popular Food
PORKPORK is the common name for a meat coming from hogs (pigs). It is eaten as a source of protein in many countries (with the exclusion of others who forbid eating it due to religious reasons). But now, let?s talk about its usefulness which is not appreciated by other people.Pork is one of the most widely eaten meats in the world, accounting for about 3...
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Make Your Academic Performane Highly Noticeable
DIFFERENTIAL STUDY IN THE ACADEMICPERFORMANCE OF STUDENTSDifferential Study on the Academic Performance of UB Nursing StudentsCHAPTER IABSTRACTThe College of Nursing in University of Bohol campus encompassesdifferent kinds of students studying to become nurses in the future.Researchers conducted a differential study that was based on the affectationof the di...
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THE STUDY OF STATISTICS WHY STATISTICS??        important in empirical studies?        aids in decision making?        helps to forecast or predictfuture outcomes?      ...
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Roles of Nurses in Health Assessment
ROLEs OF NURSESIN HEALTH ASSESSMENT Health assessment is a very crucialstep in the health examination.  Assessment is to gather information abouta patient's physiological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual status. As a nurse, we should becareful in taking the nursing history of the patient, either in a comprehe...
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