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Know More About LED Bulbs
In the past few years people have been looking forward to a suitable alternative for the traditional incandescent lighting fixture. With the impending environmental crisis and threatening inflation, everybody wants to replace their power guzzler traditional lamps with energy saving light bulbs.The incandescent lamps were followed by the compact fluorescent l...
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Know More About Membulbs
Many companies are now looking into ways of producing and marketing environmentally friendly products. The way to master sustainable growth is to invent products that save energy. This can be done during the manufacturing process to reduce greenhouse gases. Eaton is a UK based electrical wiring and allied products manufacturing company. It has been in existe...
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Save Environment By Moving With Smilight
People are becoming environmentally conscious and taking steps to protect the Earth's environment. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use bulbs, which require and use less energy. CFL Lighting was introduced a couple of decades ago and has now become the norm around the world. There are many companies which manufacture not just incandescent bulbs, but ...
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Energy Saving GU10 Bulbs - Ideal Choice For Your Home Or Office
The light bulb industry has evolved and changed a lot in the last couple of decades. New versions of energy saving bulbs are being introduced regularly into markets, after all, most consumers would like to save money on household bills. Using energy saving appliances is a good way to do it. The benefits offered by these new bulbs are so important that many c...
Posted by energybulbs - Posted 7 Years Ago

Save Energy With Energy Saving GU10 Bulbs
There is no doubt that overall trends in many sectors of industry are now leaning towards energy savings and environmentally friendly products. Energy consumption around the world is going up and there is no easy way to increase energy production to meet the demand. Consumers are doing their bit to conserve energy and many appliance manufacturers have spent ...
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Save Energy With Energy Efficient Lighting Options
LED or light emitting diode is the new lighting technology which is garnering great appreciation everywhere for the massive up gradation it is offering over the traditional incandescent lights and compact fluorescent lamps. These lights function on a specific technology termed as ‘solid state lighting’. Initially the small wattage LED lights were...
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Save Energy With The New Generation Lighting Options
People are increasingly becoming aware of the environmental issues and are trying to take every possible step to support the environment. A sensible step in this direction is the replacement of traditional energy guzzler lighting lamps with new generation power saving lighting alternatives. The conventional incandescent lighting fixtures besides consuming ma...
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Save environment, always use energy efficient bulbs
When we talk about the greatest inventions of all the time, then there are only two which are ruling the world, and are most important in every person’s life. One cannot imagine life without them. These are electricity and tires, covering the whole world by their power. Rather than that there are several other inventions also that are necessary in our ...
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Why To Replace Halogen Bulbs With The LED Lamps
It has been quite a time since the GU10 halogen bulbs have been the most commonly employed lamps at all the homes with GU10 mounts for the lighting purpose. Undoubtedly they were a massive improvement over the conventional incandescent bulbs and are still considered a fine choice for lighting your home. Yet the new trend in the market is of the GU10 LED bulb...
Posted by energybulbs - Posted 7 Years Ago

Use hand dryers instead of old fashioned paper towels
Today, if we talk about the major problems of the world that will affect the life of everyone living in this planet. The problem is global warming, which is getting increased by the level of carbon dioxide in the environment. You may discuss about global warming, the effects of an oil leak on natural resources, the problem of melting ice caps, diminishing fo...
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