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Epixel MLM software

Epixel MLM software
Robust platform designed to manage MLM businesss operations.
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Published 7 Days Ago
Digital Transformation in Direct Selling 2023
In the rapidly developing world of direct selling, digital transformation became a key factor for success in the year 2023. The combination of advanced technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, ecommerce and digital tools paved the

Published 9 Days Ago
Discover the Distinct World of Direct Selling and Network Marketing
Are you planning to start a business? Have you been talking to different people to understand the scope of running a business and that’s when the two terms direct selling and network marketing struck you. Although you constantly hear these terms in many

Published 16 Days Ago
A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to Matrix MLM Software
The buyer’s guide to matrix MLM software ( helps in navigating this decision-making process by examining crucial aspects of matrix MLM software and how it enables businesses to overcome inte

Published 24 Days Ago
Safeguarding data security for MLM health and wellness business
Cyber-attacks are not a new story. It can tamper with businesses quickly by draining the data or corrupting them, causing a major glitch in your business processes. Even worse, a business could lose its credibility and integrity when persistent cyberat

Published 27 Days Ago
Transformation of Direct Sales Through Meaningful Connections in Social Selling
After the introduction of social selling, a revolutionary change was seen in the way how direct selling companies interacted with customers. It helped in generating leads and maintaining relations. Through social selling brands gained an opportunity to se

Published 1 Month Ago
Leveraging Social Media Strategies for MLM Ventures
We live in a social media-driven world. When we take the case of businesses, then these platforms become the part and parcel of its every operation, both online and offline. Apart from marketing, it also influences cultures, economies, and conversations g

Published 1 Month Ago
Customer Attrition: The Five C’s- Categories, Causes, Cutting- short, Consequences and Computation
The count of paying customers who stopped purchasing or do not return to purchase the product or service is called customer attrition. It is also known as customer churn or customer turnover. The term “attrition”, “churn”, “turnover” refers to

Published 1 Month Ago
Direct Selling Experience: Putting Customers First
Direct Selling is one of the unique forms of marketing. Independent representatives sell products to customers directly, bypassing traditional retail channels. The direct selling approach makes it more personal and creates an interactive approach. This en

Published 1 Month Ago
The Role of MLM Automation in Health and Wellness Companies
Implementing automation has become essential for enhancing the efficiency of business processes. By automating tasks such as order fulfillment, customer and distributor onboarding, and commission tracking, operations can be streamlined and also acceler

Published 1 Month Ago
Impact of Loyalty Programs in Direct Selling
Remember how difficult it was to build a brand??? In the past, customers were only familiar with one or two aspects of the product: the parent company and where it was manufactured. Things have become easier now as customers prefer transparent services an

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