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ETS Risk Management
ETS Risk Management ETS is a Global Risk Management
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  • Executive Protection Services - ETS Risk Management is one of the worlds leading executive protection and special event security companies, offering global protective security services, risk management and special project solutions.


Here Are Ways for Effective Event Security Better
The security planners should work in partnership, and be embedded with, the event security and client stakeholders from the outset. Security plans developed in isolation or added as an afterthought will lack cohesiveness, and likely would inhibit rather than enhance the success of the event. The security team should partner with all other functions and assis...
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How to Improve Threat Detection and Response with ETS Risk Management
A protection detail could have been dining in Bali, Indonesia in 2005 protecting a client by special event security, would they have spotted the behavioral factors? Would the suicide terrorists have even been showing any external factors? Would the protection detail have had time to react even if they had spotted the threat early? These are all hypothetical ...
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Do You Know How To Hire Executive Protection Services?
A company should prepare to expend a considerable amount of time and resources supporting, advising and protecting the victim family. First impressions are critical, and a company should give serious consideration as to which executive protection services level official will make the initial in-person notification, and who will be assigned as the full-time f...
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Here Are Ways To Armored Vehicle Rental Better
It is strongly advised that any armored vehicle is of low profile and that your use of an Armored Vehicle Rental Colombia is not common knowledge. ETS can provide low profile executive, sedan, SUV and Sprinter type vehicles in various countries throughout the world.  ETS are risk management specialists with extensive experience of providing g...
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The Top Five Things to Know about Armored Vehicle
Are you considering utilizing an armored vehicle? Perhaps you are heading to an area of increased risk and want to understand more about armored vehicles, or are considering armored vehicle rental Brazil. There are two main primary standards used to rate armor – The NIJ and the EN standard.The NIJ (the U.S body) is considered the world leade...
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