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The governance and legality of cryptocurrency
The recent announcement by Bank Negara Malaysia (Malaysia’s Central Bank) to draft regulations for cryptocurrencies has stirred the interest of the general public. As the curiosity builds, many people wonder on the legalities, regulations and acceptance of cryptocurrencies by governments around the world.As cryptocurrency is just like money; they do ...
Posted by everus - Posted 2 Years Ago

Importance of Crypto Currency Management Tools for Traders
Traders ought to be very keen on following the technology advancements. That will enable them to adopt any technology that will be beneficial to their business. Traders that ignore using any beneficial systems are likely to be phased out of business. It will be hard for their business to compete on a level ground with their competitors. That will result in i...
Posted by everus - Posted 2 Years Ago

The different types of Cryptocurrency Wallets
If you have never been keen on them, getting an understanding of the same will be the hardest thing for you.However, understanding the whole industry is very easy and should not be a tussle for you. Much importance should be on the best cryptocurrency wallets if at all you are planning to invest in it. It is not just about getting into it and then leave wi...
Posted by everus - Posted 2 Years Ago

5 Questions with Alexander Johnson, co-founder of Everus
  Alexander Johnson, co-founder of Everus answers some quick questions from the Global Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Alliance Is Everus a decentralized organisation? No. We are a centralized corporation that develops decentralized blockchain financial and commercial ecosystems, running on EVR, our resident cryptocurrency. Is...
Posted by everus - Posted 2 Years Ago

What to Know About Cryptocurrency Before Trying It Out
Here we share a few tips on what you should know about cryptocurrency before adopting them.You can buy the currencyIf one is looking to invest in cryptocurrency, they may simply buy the coin. If a person is unsure as to which currency to invest in, the best option is to look into a currency that has a greater adoption rate or facilities which all...
Posted by everus - Posted 2 Years Ago

6 Benefits Enjoyed by the Blockchain Users
The growing number of blockchain companies clearly shows how people are slowly adopting the digitalized currency. Very soon people will opt to use the crypto currency in their transactions. The blockchain companies offer more than just digitalized money. Its benefits far supersede the expectations of the users. Listed below are some of these benefits. Financ...
Posted by everus - Posted 2 Years Ago

Do You Know the Economic Benefits of Fintech Industry?
The progress of every business plays a key role in boosting the economy. Whenever businesses are not thriving, the economy is negatively affected. People lose their jobs and the rate of cash flow is reduced. Certain industries have positively impacted the economy. This includes the Fintech industry. Listed below are ways in which Fintech has helped economies...
Posted by everus - Posted 2 Years Ago

The Practicality of using cryptocurrency
Prior to this, cryptocurrencies were the subject of interest for the tech savvy and individuals in the financial sector. In simple words, one can think of cryptocurrency as “digital cash” or “virtual money”, but many are more curious on how practical is it to use cryptocurrency?In 2007, Safaricom of Kenya launched a new mobile phone...
Posted by everus - Posted 2 Years Ago

6 Ways of Identifying the Finest Fintech Partner
Many financial institutions, including banks, are losing their revenue to the Fintech startups. The Fintech firms offer a more affordable solution to their clients. This has facilitated a major shift from banks and financial firms to Fintech. With a healthy client base, banks can partner with Fintech firms and enjoy their profits. Know how to identify the ri...
Posted by everus - Posted 2 Years Ago

Why You Need a Company with a Larger Commercial Ecosystem
The most trending financial solution is the crypto currency. However, very few individuals are taking advantage of this financial system. Most individuals are finding it hard to invest in the crypto currency. When transacting using crypto currency, you will need a reliable blockchain firm. Below are the reasons why you should rely on firms with a bigger comm...
Posted by everus - Posted 2 Years Ago

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