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What can couples expect when shopping for an engagement ring?
Congratulations!! The time is here where you have found the love of your life, and you are officially ready for the next chapter. That next chapter is your engagement! Buying a ring and gearing up for the big day can be very stressful for couples but also the most exciting time! You need to remember that an engagement ring is a higher expense than most thing...
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Pencil Drawing Made Easy
Learn how to draw portraits and still life images! Over 42 hours worth of drawing classes.

Guitar Control | 3 Secrets to Killer Guitar Control by Claude Johnson
Choose our Killer Guitar Control Secrets course to learn how to master the basic skills and advanced playing techniques!

Learn The Secrets of Shooting Video
Now you can learn the fast track system used by a world class photographer and videographer to shoot, direct, and produce any type of video, regardless of your current skill level.

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