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A-Z Forex Glossary
Adjustable PegCountry?s exchange rate is fixed (pegged) with another country. It can be adjusted. Aggregate RiskExposure of the bank for contracts of a single customer.Ask PriceIt is the price at which sellers wants to sell their currency. It is also known as ask rate, or offer.AussieAUD/USD currency pair is referr...
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Forex Trading FAQ's
What is the meaning of FOREX?Forex is short form of ?FOREIGN EXCHANGE?.What is Foreign Exchange?The foreign exchange market is the largest market in terms of turnover. Forex trading is referred to as trading of currencies. Trading is always done in a pair of two different countries. One currency is sold to buy another currency. Currencies of United Sta...
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Advanced Forex Trading Strategies
Forex market is the largest market with the daily turnover of around 2 trillion dollars. High liquidity and easy trading are attractive factors of this market.Today forex market is more advanced than ever before, you don?t need to go out of your home, sitting at home you can trade. There is no constraint on the investments. You can start trading with even ...
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Dispelling Forex Trading Myths
As we know, forex trading is a business of buying a currency in exchange of another currency, and trading is always done in pair of the currencies. We can do business with as low as investment of $100. Another factor which is attracting investors is high liquidity. These factors are responsible to attract newcomers into this market. However, there are se...
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Tips for Successful Forex Trading
As we all know, Forex trading is quite complicated and risky. The following tips will help you in successful Forex trading. Study and analysis: Forex trading is not like gambling. It involves lots of study and analysis. If you don?t have your basics right, get them straight before attempting trading with real money. Practice with demo account: I...
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Understanding PIPS and Spreads in Forex Trading
These days trading in the forex market is gaining popularity. More and more people are considering forex trading as a good investment option. However before dealing into forex market one should know the basics of the forex market, what are the risks involved in this field. As we know that forex trading is always done into a pair of a two currencies. Buyer ...
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How to get started: Forex Trading
Forex trading holds very promising profit making potential, provided you have your strategies straight. It is labeled as one of the most complex market, especially if you have no prior experience in trading.  You will need to take the following steps to start Forex trading: Finding the right broker: First and foremost, you need to op...
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The Risks and Rewards of Forex Trading
Like any other market, risks and rewards are involved in the forex trading. With the daily turnover running over a trillion dollars, forex market is the largest market in the world. Trading in the forex market can make you rich but not without any risk. Forex market is a highly volatile market, as one can?t predict when one currency will go up or down. So it...
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The History of Forex Trading
History of forex trading traces back to Babylonian times. Existence of Different currencies and necessity of exchanging them existed at that time. Use of the paper currency was first introduced at that time. During the old age, value of goods was evaluated in terms of other goods. This system is called ?Barter System?. However, ?Barter System? has many lim...
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The Basics of Forex Trading
?Forex? is a short form of Foreign Exchange. Foreign exchange trading means trade between currencies of two different countries with each other, buyer is purchasing one currency and in exchange provides another currency to the seller. Relative value of a particular currency is decided by the forex market. Major currencies traded in the forex market are US Do...
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