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GE3S helps in reducing Carbon footprint
GE3S specializes in Carbon Footprint Service in UAE. A carbon footprint is a measure of the environmental impact of an organization, event, person or product. It measures the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of a given activity or group of activities to provide a measure of the extent to which these activities produce harmful emissions and therefore cont...
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GE3S helps in reducing the adverse effects of waste on environment
GE3S specializes in Waste Management Consultancy Service in UAE. Waste management is the overall process of collection, transportation, treatment, and discarding of waste products, sewage, and garbage. It also includes other legal, monitoring, recycling and regulating activities.There are many forms of waste such as solid, gas or liquid and each has differ...
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GE3S helps organizations to achieve sustainable economy
 GE3S is a well-known Sustainability Reporting Consultant which helps organizations to achieve sustainable global economy. Reporting enhances companies’ accountability for their impacts and therefore enhances trust, facilitating the sharing of values on which to build a more cohesive society. The availability of sustainability inf...
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GE3S helps in achieving a new sustainable way of life
GE3S is leading Estidama Consultant in UAE. Estidama is not just a rating method or something people do, it is a vision and a desire to achieve a new sustainable way of life in the Arab world. The ultimate goal of Estidama is to preserve and enrich Abu Dhabi's physical and cultural identity, while creating an always improving quality of life for it...
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Energy Audit a win situation for industry and environment
The continuous rise in energy cost for large and the growing demands placed on them to cut cost and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has contributed to a increase in demand for energy services, including energy auditing, ESCOs, renewable energy etc.An Energy Audit is the first step taken to gain an understanding of current energy pattern, quantification ...
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GE3S helps in reducing waste to make our environment eco-friendly
GE3S is a trusted leader in providing Waste Management Service. Waste management is all the activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. This includes amongst other things, collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste together with monitoring and regulation. It also encompasses the legal and regulatory f...
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GE3S helps in reducing adverse effect on environment
GE3S specializes in Environmental Engineering Services. Environmental Engineering Services refers to the use of scientific processes to help improve the Earth’s environment to provide healthier land, water, and air for human use and to find ways to scale back on pollution sites. It uses the principles of biology and chemistry to develop solu...
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GE3S specializes in Energy Audit Service in Dubai
GE3S provides Energy Audit Service. We have experienced #energy_auditor_in_Dubai.  GE3S’s Energy auditors have conducted several energy audits across UAE. The main purpose of an energy audit is to establish quickly and reliably, the main locations where losses, wastages or inefficiency occurs in energy consumption and utlization.GE3S specializes...
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