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The Corrs - A Musical Legend
A band that consists of siblings is rare, especially when all of them plays a certain instrument that makes the band really unique from the others. One of these rare bands is called The Corrs. The Corrs are four siblings from Dundalk, Ireland with a family that is really music enthusiasts. There are four of them, and each play a very important role in keepin...
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The Vampire Academy
What is everyone looking for in the female character of a story? It's her wonderful love story, as well as her ability to survive on her own, without the help of another person. Women have always been regarded as the lower gender, inferior to the man. This has gone through for a long time, and fortunately, people have begun to realize that women can do thing...
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Help Save the Mortal Instruments
Tired of the suspense thrillers you've been devoting your time to? Are romantic stories already boring you with the same happy ever after ending? Are those horror books already scaring you? If you're looking for a book that has an entirely different plot and setting than your usual reads, then Mortal Instruments is the one you should grab the next time you v...
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Three Surefire Signs that Your Ex Wants You Back
After a break up, most people would be devastated. There would be a lot of what ifs, questions that seem to be unanswerable. These what ifs would leave you frustrated most of the time, especially when you are still in constant contact with your ex. You will be left wondering if you ex is still into you. It is quite hard to answer this because you don't know ...
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Sing and Dance to the Music of GLEE!
Ever since the first ever episode of the award winning TV show Glee, more and more people have been hooked up with the voices and dance moves of these young group of people, including of course their hot teacher with the Justin Timberlake hair. The series began with Glee having only geek members, who are considered the lowest class of people in the school. M...
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Vampires and Humans in Comparison
Ever since the come out of Edward Cullen from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga, a lot of girls have been wishing and dreaming that they could meet someone like him. Some would even say, "Oh, I prefer Edward over a real guy." But, would you really? I think not. Vampires will always be a part of our imagination, no matter what we do about it. While you may have...
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How to Look Fab in a Bandage Dress
You've seen it on the red carpet. You've seen your favorite celebrities wear it. Now, wouldn't you want to flaunt your figure with this stunning bandage dress? Ever since bandage dresses were introduced in the market, a lot of celebrities have been spotted attending premieres, awards, and a lot of events wearing these body hugging outfits.After seeing Gossip...
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An Extraordinary Week at the Palliative Ward
It was a gloomy Monday morning.It's the first day of the week but I wasn't up to going for my duty yet. I onlyhad an hour's sleep the night before, doing my nursing care plan for my patientat the Palliative ward. I had to report for duty, for not doing so would haveme ending up in the Chief Nurse?s office, which is not an appealing idea. I ha...
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What Men Face While at the Palliative Ward
For two weeks straight, Mr. B has been staying at thepalliative ward, after he was initially diagnosed with brain tumor. He had togo through surgery and chemotherapy since the tumor was malignant. It had beena grueling time for him, and as the nurse assigned to him, it was also an agonyfor me. He's one of my male patients in the ward, and I n...
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Love: To Fight or Not to Fight
When we are in love, there will come a time when we will be faced with a challenge. This challenge will either make or break the love that we have built up little by little, until we finally found out what true love means. This certain trial is whether you would fight for the love you've found, or to give it up because you can't bear to hurt other people. ...
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